Spring is in the Air!!

I personally love the time change. I love having it stay light longer in the evening. It just says spring to me. I've had a whole lot of spring excitement on my homestead lately.

One of the first signs of spring on my homestead is when the ducks start to come and visit our pond. They are coming home from the south and see our pond and stop by for a visit. I always know spring is here when the ducks start visiting our pond...

Baby goats!! Spring is the time for baby animals. My mama goat had twin girls! It was so fun to walk in the barn that day and see my 2 new little goats!

Two days later I had my grandchildren here for a visit to hug and hold those new baby goats. It was a wonderful day!

And finally, my youngest son, Isaac, turned 18! I have raised all my kids to the age of 18 and beyond. But, it seems to happen very fast. My husband and I looked at each other and said... how did this happen so fast? In many ways we miss a house full of busy children and activity. In other ways we are enjoying our peace and quiet now.

I'm a little slow this year in ordering seeds for my garden. I now have my list together and will be making my order this week. For now, my cabbage plants are just about ready to replant.

I'm dreaming of warm days, gardens and spring turning into summer!!


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