Meal Preps for Eating Well (and a new YouTube!)

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One thing I know for sure, when I had a lot of people to feed it was much easier to cook daily than when I just need to fix something for myself for lunch. It's easier to think about cooking even if it is just feeding my hubby and me. But when I'm hungry, I find it very difficult to muster the desire to pull out all my veggies and make a salad, or cook something up for just me.

Part of working to get fit means that I want to make sure I have good food to eat to support my body.

Here has been my solution, fill up my fridge with easy to grab, no thought required, healthy food choices. 

The pic above shows my latest meal preps.

I've been making bone broth and keeping that in the fridge. I drink a mug of this almost daily. I also cut some of the chicken from my last batch and kept that in the fridge. I add the chicken to my daily cup of broth for a little extra protein.

I made several jars of overnight oatmeal. I use to make this long ago and my family really enjoyed it. I forgot how easy it is to make and nice it is to have on hand.

I hard boiled a few eggs. These are great to eat for a quick breakfast or easily turn them into egg salad sandwiches.

I made smoothie starters and put them in little zip bags in the freezer. Mine contain strawberries, blueberries, chia seeds, and gelatin protein powder. All I have to do is dump them in the blender, add the liquid and blend. Instant breakfast!

Because I've been making feta cheese lately I have a lot whey. So I am also making Whey Lemonade. No need to buy expensive beverages when I can have a healthful probiotic lemonade made for very little.

One of the best things I been doing is making salad in a jar. The idea has been running around the internet for a while now. I'm just now trying it out. What makes it so great is that you can easily just grab the jar of salad out of the fridge, shake it up and enjoy. I like calling it healthy fast food.

The trick to getting it to last a few days is pretty simple. Make sure your veggies are all very fresh, make sure they are dry. Wash the veggies and let them dry out. Moisture is not a salads friend. You put the dressing on the bottom of the jar, then you add the harder type veggies such as radishes, carrots, celery, beans, etc.. then the softer veggies and finally the lettuce goes on top. I also don't add cut tomatoes, cut up tomatoes will deteriorate very quickly. I find grape tomatoes work the best.

Below is a little YouTube video I made on assembling salad in a jar...

Having a lot of easy to grab options makes eating a healthy diet much easier!



  1. Thank you for sharing all of the knowledge you have Crystal! You have been such a blessing to many of us! You have helped guide and train me personally and didn't even know. So, keep sharing!

  2. Would love to see a quick post about Whey Lemonade!!

    1. Hi Jennifer... I posted the recipe for whey lemonade a while back:

  3. hi again can i share your you tube video above on my blog please?

    1. Hello Page!! So great to see you again!! :) Yes you can share this.. :)


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