Menu Monday!

How is your Monday going? Mine is looking busy. Grocery shopping is on my list today and running errands.

Spring is in the air and that always is so refreshing. Over the weekend we had 4 visiting ducks in our pond. That is a sure sign that spring is right around the corner. I'm hoping for a break in the rain this week and maybe plan a walk with my daughter Hannah and the grandbabies.

Back to menu planning.. :) Since I'll be in town for a good part of the day I'm going super easy tonight. Fish sticks, tater tots and coleslaw from the deli.

The rest of my week is looking like this...

A favorite standby and quick to put together. I'll serve baked potatoes and broccoli to go along side.

Parmesan Chicken
Another quick and easy meal that is so good! Buttered pasta and a big green salad sound perfect to go with the chicken. You can find my parmesan chicken recipe HERE.

This was a request from my son Isaac. Simple enough to make. I'll serve them with the typically trimmings (lettuce, tomatoes, sliced olives, cheese, etc..) and tortilla chips & salsa.

That should do it for the week. If I need another meal it will most like be split pea soup with kielbasa in it. I have some kielbasa in the freezer that I can use for this.

Hope your week is off to a great start and happy menu planning!! :)



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