Menu Monday!

Today is grocery shopping day. I shop once a week. I've tried shopping every other week but that seems to be a little challenging especially with fresh veggies. I serve a lot of green salads because I love fresh veggies and find it the easiest way to get our daily fresh veggie needs met. So, I shop weekly (which is why menu planning is good, I can make sure I have everything I need for the weeks meals on hand).

How often do you grocery shop?

Last week's menu worked perfectly .. which was nice. We had the ham for a couple nights, the chili for a couple nights, had 2 nights were everyone fended for themselves.. and one night of meatloaf and tonight will be night 2 of meatloaf.

When I make a meal I cook a double batch of whatever I'm cooking with the intention of the meal lasting me for 2 nights. So far it's been a good plan. I cook less often and it makes meal planning pretty simple.

As I said, tonight we are having meatloaf along with tater tots and salad. For the rest of the week here is the line up...

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
I'm buying roast beef from the deli for these sandwiches. I'll serve some soup with them. I'm not sure if I'll do something simple like tomato soup (using the tomato soup base I canned recently) or make a pot of veggie soup. Actually veggie soup is sounding good right now.

Navy Bean and Ham Soup
I saved the ham bone from last weeks ham and put it in the freezer. I'll use this to make the soup and serve biscuits and a salad on the side.

Korean Pork
My daughter, Emily, shared this recipe with me a couple years ago. I've made it several times. Works great with pork chops or pork riblets. I plan to serve egg rolls and chow mein and salad on the side.

I've made my own egg rolls many times and they are good. They do take a bit of time. Often times, nowadays, I buy them frozen from Costco. Their egg rolls are really good.

That should cover it for the week!!



  1. If you have a Dollar Tree with a freezer section, they too sell egg rolls and they're only $1 apiece, not to mention yummy!

  2. When I was married and had a full house, I shopped at Costco every 3 weeks and also weekly at the grocery store. Now, being single, I shop at our Safeway 10%off day on the first Tuesday of the month for my staples. I then shop as needed the rest of the month. I also look at the weekly fliers and keep my pantry stocked via sales. SJ in Vancouver BC Canada


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