Menu Monday!

It's Monday! Time to bring in the groceries today. I'm finding menu planning a challenge lately. I plan and sometimes make the meal and then find out my kids have other plans for that night. If I made the meal, then it's unplanned leftovers. And the meal I'd planned for the next night does not get made. I've had meatball subs on my menu for 3 weeks now and still have not made them. Hopefully, they'll get made this week!! :)

Sausage gravy over biscuits, strawberries & grapes

Meatball subs, coleslaw, chips

Crockpot peach bbq chicken, rice, salad


Tuna patties, mac & cheese, watermelon

Summer pasta (made w/chicken), salad




  1. We never stop being a parent, and our youngins never stop needing to learn. Letting the cook know of other plans is a very important "getting ready for adulthood" lesson to learn. I learned it when I was in my early 20s, too. Must be a young-adult lesson. No wonder in Jesus' time, males were not taken seriously as "men" until age 30. (So I've heard) Wonder what year it was for the girls to be considered women? Most likely, childbearing age? lol


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