Garden Update

We've had some beautiful hot summer days and my garden is really taking off. The green beans are up, the squash is up, and many of the flowers are starting to peek through as well.

I water my garden with the “ditch irrigation” method. I have a small spring pond that has a pipe that runs underground from the pond to the garden. The elevation is so small that it would be impossible to run sprinklers. The pond has bits of algae and such that end up plugging up soaker hoses. So the best method we came up was to run PVC pipe to each row, make a ditch and let the water run down the ditch. When it gets to the bottom of the row, I put the next pipe on and continue until all the rows are watered. This method has worked great for the many years of gardening I've done.

Below are the updated pics....



  1. Still gardening on a pretty grand scale I see. I've always been impressed with its size. Until I can retire and stay home mine will be just enough to keep us in fresh foods for a season. Last year I did freeze green beans and canned pickles. This year, salsa and green beans. :)

  2. Good afternoon~

    Your garden looks WONDERFUL! I pray you have a bountiful harvest from your labors.


  3. It looks like a really well done garden. I'm thinking of planting a small vegetable patch as well - sadly it won't be anywhere as impressive as this!


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