Homemaking Challenge Update from March (Bathroom)


Back in March the Homemaking Challenge was the bathroom. I originally planned to go in and clean out drawers and cupboards, reorganize and put some shelves up in one of the cupboards. Then my sweet sister in law came to visit and asked me if she could paint the cupboards. This was a project she knew I had wanted to do, but did not have the time. I was so happy and thankful for her willingness to jump in and tackle it. She loved doing it (she likes any kind of DIY project!). By the end of April the project was finished and it was time to do the reorganizing. I’m just now getting around to showing you the finished project. I wish I’d taken pics of the cupboard doors beforehand. They were not attractive at all. The bathroom is old (as is our house) and all I can say is the doors and drawers had a very 60’s/70’s look and feel to them. Now they are looking very bright and fresh. My pictures do not do them justice. For some reason my camera seems to give some of the pics a yellow hue. The cupboards are white. I still need to do a bit of decorating in there, but it will just be one step at a time. For now the biggest part of the job is done.

Since it’s been a couple months I’ll show you the before pics as well as the after pics.

This was one of the drawers I showed you in March…

And this is how it looks now…

And another…


The tall cupboard that I felt was a bad use of space….

This is what it looks like now…

The cupboard that was full of junk and hard to find anything….

I cleaned out stuff, threw away bottles of mostly used things, outdated items, etc.. and then organized it. I purchased 3 little plastic baskets and divided the items into 3 groups .. 1) Hair products 2) Creams & lotions of all types 3) First aid supplies….

The cupboard that use to hold my towels was under the counter and awkward to get towels from or put them away (as you can see they have been moved to the tall cupboard above)…

And now this cupboard holds the TP and a whole lot of empty space for more organizing….

Now for the cupboards. If you look closely at the ‘before’ cupboards you can kind of see the doors.. they were wood and an orangy color.. so even though I don’t have before pics of what the cupboards look liked, I’ll show you the after pics…

So that is my final update for the bathroom project!!



  1. Crystal! Your bathroom looks great!! Blessings, Jamie

  2. What a great idea! Maybe I will have to paint by cupboards white. It seems like a lot of work, however.

  3. love the brightness...and all the cupboard space!! Very Nice!


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