Happy Mother’s Day (a little early)

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day but I figured I get this out a day ahead of time. Becoming a mother is something no one can prepare you for. The moment they put that small little human being into your arms you are in love and have a bond that will stay with you the rest of your life. It is the most amazing experience. In that moment you become a mother your life will never be the same. It is THE most wonderful, rewarding, joyful and incredible experience. It will take you places physically and emotionally that you never knew existed. And you will never regret one moment of it.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Three years ago I wrote a post entitled “A Few Reflections on Raising Children”. I am reposting it here today for my Mother’s Day Post. This is a REPOST (my daughters are not in Denmark anymore.. LOL.. I’ve done reposts in the past and sometimes people do not realize that it is an older post, so I just wanted to make that clear)..

A Few Reflections on Raising Children
(in between the paragraphs of this article are a few random pics of my kids/family through the years)..

Leanne left on Wednesday morning for Denmark to spend 3 weeks with Emily. To say I was stressed for those nearly 24 hours of flights and layovers is an understatement. She arrived safe and sound and is currently with Emily enjoying her time in Copenhagen. But it made me reflect a bit on raising children.

I thought it was tough when they were young. I had to make sure that the home was safe, no sharp objects for them to get a hold of, make sure the cleaning supplies were out of reach, keep the baby gates in place, teach them to play nicely and not be rude, obey the rules, potty training, diapers, nap times, sleepless nights, etc.. Then we move onto spending the nights with friends, outside influences and activities, and keeping a stable home and during it all you think, when they get older this will be easier, I won't fret so much about them… well not quite..…

Then they learn to drive! And you wait up for them, pace the floor not able to sleep until you hear the car pull in and they are home.

Or they join the military and are deployed.. You worry everyday for their safety and pray continually for them. And then praise and thank the Lord when they are finally home.


Some marry and have issues that you listen to and pray for and try and give godly advice. They have children and you now you have grandchildren who you think of and pray for.

And then.. some decide to go and spend a year in Europe! When you don’t see them pop onto Skpye or Facebook for several days you wonder.. is everything ok? And you pray some more… and then they call you and there is peace in your heart when you hear their voice.

And as I was taking my 19 year old daughter to the airport and putting her on what would be a nearly 24 hour flying and traveling experience with little contact.. well.. I prayed some more.. and realized that being a mom never does really come to an end. Your children’s well being is always first and foremost on your mind. And I also realized how simple it was in the days that the biggest challenge was keeping them away from the scissors and cleaning supplies and keeping them happy, well fed and living in a clean home.

Not to confuse simple with stress free.. no those days had their stresses too… I remember one day when I had several little ones in the home and I was pregnant with Jacob. The day was stressful and my father stopped by to see me. He saw my stress right away and said to me, “Can I take the kids for a walk?”… heck yes!! I said.. and as he was leaving with them all (after spending a half hour trying to find shoes and get everyone ready to leave :). .. he said to me.. “Remember Crystal.. These are the Good Old Days.. these are the days you will look back at one day and remember fondly”… aww.. such wonderful words of wisdom from my father. He passed away 5 years ago and I miss him terribly.

But how true his words were! And you know, one day I am sure I will look back at these current days and say the same thing.. “those were the Good Old Days”.

Moms… treasure EVERY day no matter how difficult, stressful or how hectic.. Believe me with 8 children I KNOW hectic and crazy.. .. But, really the years go by quickly and they grow up and new challenges come our way..So when I start to feel stressed by it all.. I remember.. treasure these moments today and ultimately I remember ONE most important fact…

Jesus is in control.. How awesome is that! It goes way beyond anything I can handle and it is so comforting to know that He cares for them more than I can comprehend. He is watching over my children and grandchildren! 


  1. Loved this post. Happy Early Mother's Day!

    Ila from HeHasMS

  2. Your posts are always so encouraging whether it is about being a mom, a recipe, or household tip. You really do inspire me in my home with your information and encouragement! Thank you! And Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Precious, precious thoughts ~ Happy (belated) Mothers Day!

  4. Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement! You are such an inspiration to me! Even though I have an almost 30 year old, he was an only child until he was 19. Now I look back at his childhood when I was a struggling single mother, trying to work and go to school and take care of him, and I compare it to my life now with 6 young children, homeschooling, working, taking care of a big house! And I think, oh it was so much easier then!! Ha! I think it is always stressful and hard when we try to do it all ourselves, so i try to give God whatever I need to, and whatever doesn't get done, well it probably wasn't that important anyhow! Blessings!


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