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Recently I saw a facebook test circulating around on 100 life skills. You checked the boxes on how many skills you had and see what your end result is. I got 77. Some of my kids got answers in the 50’s. However some of the “skills” they had listed I had to stop and ask myself.. are these really ‘life skills’? Throwing a football, how to open a champagne bottle, how to eat lobster, etc. So I went on a quest for REAL life skills. Those skills that people feel are really needed in life, things they wish they knew or know and want their kids to know too. I came up with a list and then I asked my kids, my friends, my husband about what life skills they think are important. What life skills would you like to see your kids have? What life skills have you needed or wished you had. This list is a compilation of their responses. I want to thank everyone who answered my questions. I really enjoyed hearing what everyone I asked had to say.

I’m not computer savvy enough to know how to make this into a test, if you want to see how many of these skills you have, then I suggest the old fashioned way.. take a pen and paper and keep track of your score..  :)

These 100 life skills are not in any order. I wrote them down as I thought of them and as people gave them to me.  And frankly some of these may not actually qualify as a "skill" but rather a life principle.  Also some of these "skills" are farm related.  I'm sure many could live their entire life and never need to know how to milk a goat or clean a barn stall, but as a country lady I add them because I think they are good skills to know!  ~smile~

As a reader of my blog.. if you have any to add to the list.. please do in the comment section!


1. bake a loaf of bread

2. cook a meal using leftovers and/or pantry & freezer items only

3. milk a goat

4. plant a garden

5. freeze and can harvest from a garden

6. raise chickens

7. make cheese (of any kind)

8. plan a menu for a week

9. keep a house reasonably clean

10. make a meal without a recipe

11. know how to make business phone calls

12. make a budget

13. live within your budget

14. know how to change a vacuum cleaner bag

15. how to clean a toilet

16. how to treat various stains on your clothes (blood, vomit, grease, grass, etc..)

17. how to teach your kids basic math skills (with Common Core this is becoming more and more a real life skill!)

18. how to teach a child to read

19. basic first aid such as cleaning a cut, dealing with a sprained ankle, a spider bite, a bee sting, etc…

20. how to clean a barn stall (or maybe if this not relevant, then simply knowing how to roll up your sleeves and get a dirty job done)

21. how to figure out the decimal equivalent of 5/8 (or any fraction)

22. how clean a slow moving sink drain

23. check the oil in your car

24. add oil if it is low

25. change a flat tire

26. how to make a really good cup of coffee

27. how to drive a car

28. how to sew

29. how to change a diaper

30. make baby food

31. balance a checkbook

32. how to build a fire

33. how to bbq a burger

34. how to check proper inflation of your car tire

35. in case of a flat tire to know where your spare and needed tools are located in your car

36. how to determine how many miles per gallon your car gets

37. dealing with difficult people in the work place

38. how to properly take a phone message for someone else

39. how to write properly (letters, resumes, cover letters, thank you cards)

40. how to calculate monthly interest

41. how to plan and organize for a large gathering of people such as a party, holiday, wedding reception, etc..

42. know how to live life without a credit card and use cash

43. (this relevant if you have boys in the house) Lift the seat, put it down when you are done, flush..

44. understand your constitutional rights

45. know how to contact your representative and senators

46. How to count back change and know how much change you should get in a transaction

47. understand the truth about immunizations, know the health risks and downside of them

48. to be able to figure the price per pound or ounce of any food item in the grocery store

49. to clean the lint from your dryer duct

50. no more “fluff” cycle on the dryer… just fold it and put it away

51. know the health effects of consuming hydrogenated oils

52. to read and understand product ingredient labels

53. how to tax plan.. how to figure your income tax ahead of time and plan for it

54. how to listen to others no matter how you feel about them

55. how to sweep and dust

56. know how to read and study your Bible

57. know how to differentiate between needs and wants

58. How to delay satisfaction and be content with where you are in life

59. Basic maintenance on things you own

60. How to sew a button on

61. how to read a thermometer

62. How fold and iron properly

63. how to sharpen a lawn mower blade

64. How to wash dishes (and load a dishwasher properly if you have one!)

65. how to insulate/weatherize your home for cold weather

66. how to make your own herbal medicines for colds, sniffles and the flu

67. How to properly and safely handle a gun

68. How to make a bed

69. how to jump start your car if your battery is dead

70. how to put snow chains on

71. how to clean your gutters

72. how to clean your oven

73. to understand the difference when giving of your time and finances between ‘real’ needs as opposed to indiscriminate charity

74. to understand that patience and longsuffering is work in progress for all of us

75. to have an appreciation and be thankful for the job that your employer has provided for you

76. how to protect your social security number (as in.. don’t give it away online!)

77. how to search and purchase needed items online

78. how to use basic software for home management such as Quicken, Excel, Turbo Tax, etc..

79. know how to set an atmosphere of peace and love in your home

80. (this is relevant if you are a homeschooler).. know how to create a high school transcript for your child

81. to trust God in your life. Life will have its ups and downs and God is the only constant that can be depended on

82. how to organize the ‘stuff’ in your home

83. know how to deal with a 3 year olds temper tantrum

84. know how to gracefully deal with unexpected company for dinner

85. when dealing with difficulties in life.. before you take a stand.. ask yourself.. “is this the hill I want to die on” .. many of life’s issues are seriously not that important, but some are.. can you differentiate them?

86. to drink an adequate amount of water each day (instead of all the other alternatives out there)

87. to know what ‘real’ healthy food choices are

88. to understand the importance and significance of what marriage is

89. to know and understand the difference between right and wrong

90. to understand that honesty is rewarding

91. that self-discipline is important

92. to know that there is a God in heaven

93. to know patients is a learned skill

94. the ability to communicate with not only your peers but people of all ages and all walks of life

95. how to view life and decisions logically and not emotionally but to use wisdom and discernment

96. understand that serving others is an act of love

97. how to recycle

98. to think “outside the box”

99. how to paint

100. how to declutter your home


  1. How to say "I'm sorry" and really mean it.

  2. I seen the Facebook Life skills too, and I thought the same thing.. "HOW is this a lifeskill?" I like your list better


  3. well, i got an 88... not too bad. Some though like you said are a work in progress. good list Crystal.

  4. Incredibly insightful list. Some real food for thought. Thank you Crystal.

  5. Hi Crystal! I would add the following:
    1) How to say "no" to invitations and all kinds of requests including charity donations when they don't fit with your purpose
    2) How to write a thank you note and to know when it is appropriate
    3) How to discipline a child without belittling them or making yourself into a "monster"

    As always, enjoying your blog!

  6. 93. to know patients is a learned skill ? Really? C.I.L.


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