Homemaking Challenge for March: Update!


This month’s project has been cleaning out and organizing the bathroom. My somewhat small project has morphed into a bigger project!! Ha, ha!! My sister in law has been here and we discussed the project and decided to remove all the doors and drawers from the cabinets and paint them. I’m really excited about this as I know it will give the bathroom a fresh look. However it has slowed us down. The doors/drawers have needed to be sanded and primed and painted. Due to a small space to work we can only do a few at a time (my bathroom has several). So I may not finish this by the end of the month. Nonetheless there will still be a new project come April. Seeing as I have helpers (both my sister in law and my daughter Sierra is helping with the bathroom) I know I can move onto something new (just not something so big.. LOL). I will keep you posted on the progress of the bathroom and let you know when it is finished.

For now, this is where we are at with these 2 cupboards that I showed you in the first post on this (the first one is the before, the second is where they are at currently) ….
The lighting in the bathroom was not that great for both current pictures..  the paint color is white, nothing fancy.  I just wanted it to look clean and fresh...

And here are a couple of the doors laid out currently being painted…

How have you done this month on cleaning out and organizing your bathroom?

We Can Do This Girls!!



  1. I love that your sister in law is there and helping you. That makes projects like this so much more fun! Have a blessed day!

  2. Well, its nearly the end of March so I better get busy ;) Actually, I had done the "big" bathroom" around Chrsitmas time but surprisingly our small half bath really gets ignored and it is showing it ;( So I think this last Saturday in March is a good day to tackle the job and get it scrubbed top to bottom...thank you again for your inspiration!


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