Updates from the Homestead

What a busy time it has been lately on my homestead and so many things to share. This will be a long post!! :)

Garden & Canning
We cleaned up the garden as I mentioned in a previous post. However the tomatoes are still coming on. They are almost done and as soon as we have our first frost they will officially be done and I can’t say I will be sorry! I have had a huge bumper crop this year. I am pretty sure I’m up to around 300 lbs picked. Here is what I’ve made so far..

45 quarts spaghetti sauce
62 pints and 14 quarts salsa
45 quarts of tomato sauce/puree (with another 15 quarts to can today)

Plus I’ve given many pounds away and we’ve eaten lots of them!

Here is two batches of tomato sauce/puree I made last week…

When we cleaned up the garden I also picked all of my corn. I did not plant as much this year as I have in years past. I still have some corn (on and off the cob) in the freezer. This year I decided to can what I had. I ended up with 28 pints of canned corn….

Last week I decided it was time for a field trip. Even though it we were only into our 2nd week of homeschooling I felt it would be fun. The weather here has been dry, warm and amazing. I knew soon the rains would come and it would be too late for any outdoor type field trips. I asked my kids where they wanted to go and they said Multnomah Falls and Vista House. These are both right here in the Columbia River Gorge… right in our own neighborhood, so to speak. These attractions are on the Oregon side of the Gorge. I live on the Washington side. The thing about living in an area that has these types of attractions is you just don’t seem to take the time out of daily life and go look. Of course having lived here all my life I’ve been to both places numerous times, but many years ago. So we (Tobin went along too as it was his day off) packed up the kids and one grandson and headed to the falls. It was windy and cool.. but beautiful! We hiked a bit up the trail and Sierra was in photography heaven! LOL..

We tried to get to the Vista House but wouldn’t you know it… about 3 days before it had closed for the season. Vista House is a big round building that has information about the Gorge and it is an awesome lookout point as well as it sits way up above the Gorge. We found another park not far from Vista House that gave us some nice views as well.

Here is the Vista House from where we were…

And the view (I live on the left side - the Washington side - down the river a bit ;)…

And Sierra enjoying the photo ops…

Leanne Update
I previously have shared that after my daughter Leanne received her degree she then spent the summer going through a program to be certified to teach English as a foreign language and volunteering her time at the community college in town as a teacher/tutor for the ESL program. She received her certification and began looking for work in South Korea. As of a few days ago she signed a one year contract for a position in a private school in Seoul. We are so excited for her!! Currently life seems to be filled with excitement, paperwork to send in, packing lists and the zillion other things that keep coming up. It is not easy to figure out what you need to consider when you will be gone for a whole year! I have some experience with Emily when she was gone for a year to Denmark working as an au pair. But one thing I know is that I will certainly miss her! On the other hand it is so exciting to see your children work hard to achieve a goal and finally make it happen in their lives. All I can say is thank goodness for SKYPE!!! That was my lifeline to Emily and I know it will be to her as well.

Grandchildren Birthdays
Wow.. I tell you the years just fly by! You see it in your own children as they grow but I really see it even more when I see my grandchildren growing! My granddaughter Elizabeth (Hannah’s daughter) turned 4….

And my oldest grandchild Caden turned 6 in the same week. Caden will always be a memorable birth for me. I had the honor and privilege of delivering my grandson with the help of my most loved and amazing friend Sarah. My daughter Carolyn had an unassisted homebirth and the two of us (Sarah and me) flew down to San Jose (where she was living at the time) to deliver this little guy. Hard to believe it has been 6 years already…

That is all from the homestead for now! This post was plenty long enough.. as I said, lots to share lately!


  1. The Falls are beautiful. My son stopped there on his way from home (Idaho) to work in Salem a couple of weeks ago. That area of the Gorge is beautiful.

    We have had our frosts, so I am glad to say that my canning is done for the year.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. We must live fairly close! I live in Camas WA (Fern Prarie). I enjoy your blogs and read them daily!

    1. Yep... Looks like we are neighbors Tammielee!! :) My daughter Hannah does not live far from Fern Prairie.

  3. I lived most of my life in the Vancouver,Washington area.Born and raised 1st 11 yrs in Camas. Presently living in Oregon in the Mt.hood area. I miss my farm in Vancouver and my awesome gardens there. Enjoyed your field pictures.Have a awesome day.


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