Garden Clean Up

Sadly my garden season is pretty much done. I'm such a summer loving gal that it always makes me sad when the season is done.  I left my tomato plants because they are still producing and I left my flowers because they are pretty and I still wanted to look down on my garden and see them :) .

We pulled everything else out and picked the last of the veggies. We had a nice amount of corn. Not as much as years before because I did not plant as many. I still have corn in the freezer from last year. I plan to can up whatever I get from this harvest…

Then I picked the tomatoes, a few squash and one pumpkin I had not yet picked…

At this point the garden looked like this….

Then Tobin & Isaac spread wood ash (from burning wood for heat through the winter). Wood ash is good for the garden. Helps to balance acidity in soil (which is good, due to our abundant rains we have acidic soil), plus adds phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Then they spread wood shavings (from cutting and chopping our winter wood) all over the garden. After we pull out the tomatoes all this will get rototilled in. The garden is looking much more under control and preparations for next year’s garden are under way!



  1. Hi Crystal,

    Great to see how the hard work of ya'll has paid off. And can I say, wow your garden looks great and the veggies ? Yummy :))

    Spring has started here, and we want to start to plant some veggies this year again. You and your family are a real insparation! :)

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!

    (sout africa)

  2. Do you grow anything over the winter months?

    In oz, this is when we plant our cabbages, cauliflowers etc.

  3. ah, it looks beautiful! Mine is growing lots of thistle..... Have a great day!


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