Garlic Tea for Sniffles & Colds

We have had a cold trying to take hold here at our home. I had a lot garlic in the fridge and decided to make garlic tea to tackle the sniffles, stuffy noses and cold symptoms. Garlic is amazing for fighting colds and flu symptoms. Garlic has incredibly health promoting qualities. It is said to be an effective antibiotic and natural virus killer as well as an immune enhancer, anti-fungal, and so much more.

So how do you take garlic for medicinal purposes? Adding it to your food, lots of garlic to your meals is great. But when the cold season strikes you need a way to get more potent amounts into your body. Garlic tea has been the answer lately.

Garlic tea is very effective. My son Isaac had a stuffy head, runny nose and was just not feeling to good the other morning. So I made him a cup of garlic tea and shortly after drinking it all down he was feeling better, stuffy head and runny nose were pretty much gone and he was much more alert and was back to concentrating on his school work. He had another cup in the evening and another the next morning and was on the mend after this.
I saw the same results after taking it myself and one of my daughters as well.

So how do you make garlic tea? Very easily!!

Begin by chopping up 3 to 5 cloves of garlic…

Put them in them a mug…

Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice…

And 1 tablespoon honey..


Fill the mug with boiling water…

Stir and wait until it is cool enough to drink and drink it all (you can toss the garlic when you get to the bottom of the cup)



  1. Garlic is one of God's best medicines for us and we use it all the time! I make my garlic tea as you do. Crushed garlic also worked great in my dog's food to cure his mange when we first got him. Didn't need medications and he had a bad case. Love garlic!

  2. We always increase our garlic and onion consumption to help fight off the ickiness of colds, but I have never had garlic tea. We will try this because I am always looking for alternatives to help health without medication.

  3. I love garlic, is it ok to eat the garlic from the tea or is that too much for someone's stomach?

  4. I'm going to try this. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the post! Loved it! And your blog is very interesting.

    I´ve recently discovered garlic tea and I am amazed with its health benefits. I have always used it for cooking, as it brings such a nice flavor to food, but now I can see it does so much more!

    Every time I feel a cold coming I brew a cup of tea. Garlic tea or elderberry tea are my top choices! The good thing about garlic tea is that it not only treats colds, but it can also give you a hand if you have bronchitis or pneumonia!

    I also use this tea when I am having a hard time with my ulcer. It improves digestion and eases the pain.

    Please keep posting and I hope Garlic tea continues to help you and your family!

  6. Thanks. This is just what I was looking for.

  7. Thanks feeling better and more alert all ready


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