Freezer Cooking for May Part 1

Another month is here and I have another line up of food for the freezer. When shopping this last week I purchased 10bls of beef roast (sirloin roast). The price was about the same as hamburger so I thought it was a good deal. Here is what I did with it…

I started by cutting it all up into bite size pieces..

I first took 4lbs of it and divided it between 2 quart size zip lock bags to use for beef stew and soup…

With the remaining 6lbs I made 2 meals for the freezer. The first one was bbq beef. I put 3lbs of meat into a gallon size zip lock bag and then added equal parts bbq sauce and jam. I still had some peach/mango/orange jam (from Costco) leftover from making Peach Chicken. So I added that. I had about 1 ½ cups of each the bbq sauce and the jam. I sealed the bag closed and squished it around to mix it up…

When I go to serve it I will follow the directions I have posted here:

The second meal with Italian Beef & Peppers. I put 3lbs beef into a gallon size bag. I then added 1 chopped up medium onion, 2 red peppers and a quart jar of my home canned spaghetti sauce (you can use a store bought or homemade equivalent ). I sealed the bag and squished it all around.

On serving day I will put it all in the Crockpot and cook it 6 to 8 hours (until the meat is tender) and serve it over pasta or rice and add some dinner rolls or French bread and a salad.

More to come….


  1. Just found your blog from Always Learning. Have been enjoying reading your older posts. Do you have a recipe posted on line for your home make spaghetti sauce?

    1. Hi Cheryl.. you can find my recipe for canning spaghetti sauce here:

      Crystal :)

  2. Thanks to you, this has been a go to meal for about 2 years now. Thanks again!


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