Wednesday on the Homestead

Today has been a nice day here at home. My son Isaac and I were the only ones home until just a few minutes ago when Sierra came home from her friend’s house. Isaac and I spent the morning doing chores together. It was nice one on one time. We got the kitchen cleaned up, he fed and watered the goats, I got my big pot of vegetable stock strained and bagged and in the freezer. I now have stock to make a large batch of zucchini sausage soup for canning. Isaac and I also went to the garden to see what was ready for picking. I have lots of lettuce and had already picked some yesterday. I was happy to see I had a few tomatoes to pick; the first ones! Isaac picked his favorite vegetable: the zucchini and summer squash. Always lots to find hidden in those big plants. And I had a few little cucumbers. Here is a pic of our haul today:

I had some fresh spinach that needed to be used up and some cream cheese that needed to be used too. I decided to make some spinach dip. I did not really have enough spinach for it, but in the end I don’t think anyone will complain! LOL.. I first wilted the spinach (heated a frying pan, added a bit of water and then my fresh spinach leaves and stirred it around till it had wilted, then put it in my strainer to drain). Then I proceeded to use it in this recipe:  I am serving it with multi-grain tortilla chips ....

I am off my menu a bit due to having some nights where no kids were home and there were enough leftovers for me and Tobin. I was thinking of just putting together a little of this and that for tonight but my son Jacob called and said he was coming over (with his hearty appetite LOL) and so I figured I better get some food made. Tacos seemed like a good and easy choice this late in the afternoon. Plus I have watermelon and grapes to go with it all.

Hope you all are having a pleasant Wednesday on your homesteads! :)



  1. nice picking from the garden! mine has been burnt up and eaten by the horn worm for several weeks markets are Wonderful! The zucchini and sausage soup sounds really good! Thanks for sharing today!

  2. Dearest and I have been in the same boat lately. The only ones at home for supper. When you have raised a family of eight children at times this feels daunting, and yet in the same time quiet has its perfection as well. I find we have been eating just fresh goods from the garden and market as well. Meat seems to be the last thing on the menu with so much fresh food in our midst. I just haven't gotten the knack to putting out a spread for any less then five people!


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