Gardener’s Salt Scrub

I love this salt scrub! It is easy to make and works so well. After an afternoon of working in the garden my hands need a little extra attention and this scrub is just the ticket!! All you need is some sea salt and olive oil. If you have some essential oil or fragrance oil to add to it that is a bonus but it is optional.

Gather your ingredients together..

Measure the salt into a bowl..

Add the olive oil..

And stir it up…

Now add a little essential or fragrance oil. I added about 3 drops or so of lemon essential oil to give it a fresh citrusy smell. I put a little oil in the lid of the essential oil bottle and just poured that in…

Store it in a jar next to your sink. I used a wide mouth ½ pint jar. …

To use the scrub, spoon a little into your hand and scrub in well. It really helps to get all that garden dirt off your hands that just does not want to budge with just soap and water. When you are done rinse it off and wash your hands with some nice moisturizing soap, homemade preferred (  or  ) Your hands will clean, moisturized and feel so soft!

Gardener’s Salt Scrub
Crystal Miller

½ cup sea salt
½ cup olive oil
Essential oil or Fragrance oil to scent

Mix altogether and store in a canning jar by the sink. Use a spoon to scoop out a small amount and scrub your nails and other areas of your hands that are in need. Rinse with warm water. It will leave your hands smooth and clean!


  1. Thanks Crystal! How does this work on greasy hands?

  2. Hi Monica,
    Because it has olive oil in it, it leaves your hands slightly greasy feeling.. which is why I say to wash afterwards with some good quality soap.. so no, I don't think it would work for greasy hands..

    Crystal :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! It sounds great!

  4. Where do you get sea salt? My stores just have epsom salts. Is that the same thing? Your blog is awesome! Steph

  5. atara.. you can find sea salt in the grocery store..


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