Getting Real with Weight Loss


Seven years ago I was at the highest weight I had been at, well almost.. I did weigh more after having had my last child. I had lost that weight and more and then gained most of it back again. Does that sound like a familiar story to anyone who struggles with their weight? Gain some, lose some, gain more, lose some, gain more. An endless cycle. We reach for one diet or herb or miracle product to help us lose. Then discouragement sets in and we toss it all and gain weight once more and usually add extra pounds on in the process.

I’ve always hesitated to talk about weight issues. If you are anything like me it is a sensitive issue and can be a real personal struggle.

I spent 5 years losing 50lbs and have kept it off now for 2 years. Did I have a miracle diet or some awesome herb? Nope.. I got real with weight loss. Before I share my story with you I want you to know that I am in no way an expert, and I don’t have answers for everyone or anyone for that matter. I can only tell you what I did and what I still do.

First I realized one basic thing.. I ate more food than my body needed. I thought about this.. if I was stranded on a desert island with little to no food.. would I still gain weight? No, I don’t think so. However, that sounds simple but the human mind and body are not that simple. I looked at what the world has to offer.. weight watchers, jenny craig, slim fast, diet drinks or bars, controlled serving size meals, herbs, metabolism boosting pills, and on and on and on.. If they were all so effective would we still have so many overweight people in this country? Someone is making a lot of money on these things, but so many are still overweight.

Weight loss is a spiritual issue, at least from my perspective. Why do we eat more than we need? Why do we struggle with the temptations of food? I would say we have needs that we try to meet with food. I once had a friend say to me, “food is the Christian drug of choice”.. it is the only thing a Christian can over indulge in and it is OK. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc… are not acceptable in the Christian world but food is.. So we take the pain, issues, struggles in our lives to food.. instead of to God.

The realization came to me one day when I read in the Scriptures that self control is a fruit of the spirit (Gal 5:23) and gluttony is not something God thinks highly of (Proverbs 23:21 ), and the fact that we are not to be controlled by food (1 Corinthians 6:12&13 ) .. ever had a meal, dessert or anything else that you just simply could not say no to? Even though you were not really hungry? Yea.. me too.. That is when I knew it was/is a Spiritual issue.. God has given me everything I need to say no, I just need to go to Him and fight my battles with His strength not mine.

I lost about 10lbs a year.. because spiritual issues sometimes take time and God has so very many things for us to learn in the process.. it is still a process I am working through, but with His strength I have had success.

The nuts and bolts? I ate less food, cut my servings in half and then in half again, ate/eat only when I am hungry, fight with lots of prayer when I want to eat something and I am not hungry, learned that food does NOT have to control me.. I am in control of me with the power of the Holy Spirit.. it is a winnable battle ladies.. not hopeless desperation. Foods is no longer “good” or “bad”.. I just have choices to make. I do my best to make healthy food for my family. I enjoy the food that God has given us. I don’t deny myself foods because some worldly diet guru says it is wrong for me to eat it. But I also say no to foods if I am not hungry or even if I am and I have decided it is not the best choice for me. One of my main goals has been that I no longer want food to have a hold over me.. I want to be able to say NO because I just don’t want it.. no matter what it is..

As for exercising to lose weight? I have no problem with exercise .. but for me this was/is not the means to weight loss, it is being a good steward of my body. I have my times when I really get into exercising.. especially the winter months when I am not as busy. I love Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home DVD’s. But when life gets busy and I am going from sun up to sundown.. I don’t worry about it.. all is not lost.. I am just focusing on more important things in my life like my family and home.

I do want to make one disclaimer.. I have friends that have struggled with medical issues or medications that have made weight loss near to impossible.. I am not referring to this type of situation.. I am talking to those who struggle with weight not related to medical issues.

Ladies.. this is a battle that can be won with the power of God.. go to Him for direction and self control.. the lessons to be learned during the process are priceless..


  1. Thank you for saying what I needed to hear! Going through menopause has not helped my weight and being 'lazy' when it comes to exercise doesn't help either! I love Leslie's DVD's also. I have bought some at yard sales and try to use them at least 5 times a week. Sometimes I don't try hard enough :-)

  2. This is so timely, thank you! I have been asking God how to help me lose weight in a healthy, God glorifying way, and this post has a lot of sage wisdom in it. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations on taking off the weight, and more importantly keeping it off. I too decided to take charge of physical well being. I now walk 4 days per week, usually five miles, and I eat a whole lot less than I used to, I still enjoy a piece of birthday cake, but now I take a small piece, I still enjoy icecream, but I will have two small scoops and eat them very slowly. I do try to limit the amount of bread and potato that I eat, a serving a day is enough, and I now drink a lot of water, in fact it is pretty much the only thing I drink.
    You are correct, it is a spiritual battle, how often do we eat because of our emotions, we need to turn to our Lord not food!
    I too pray, some days are much more of a struggle than others, but each day is a new day and a new start. I have lost forty pounds since April, and all of the positive benefits are excellent incentive. My clothes fit very comfortably now, in fact some items are now too big to wear, my energy level is good, I can chase around after my young grandsons and push them for miles in their stroller, I look better, my hands don't swell anymore, I sleep well at night, and my body doesn't ache all of the time, (my muscles were screaming to be used :)I feel as if I have regained some of my youthful energy.
    When I don't feel like walking, I tell myself all of the benefits, that I am helping to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, my muscles will stay stronger, my bones will stay stronger, my heart will stay stronger. Oftentimes if I don't want to walk it is because I feel tired, but I have found if I make myself get up and go the tiredness disappears almost immediately.

    Ladies if you are struggling with weight do what you can to make some changes you will not regret it.

  4. Yes, there really is no secret except portion control. I love the verse about the Lord just giving us our portion and then pray. We do have self-control if the Spirit lives inside of us.


  5. Thanks for sharing with us, Crystal. That is a real encouragement. ~Liz

  6. Of course! I stood at my kitchen sink today and said to myself that I'm going to just give up! And then a bit later I read your blog! Thank you. I never thought that maybe food was a spiritual issue (eating when not hungry). I am going to really consider this, because something isn't right, and I know gluttony is wrong. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts at this time!

  7. Crystal you are so right! I try to read a few Bible verses when I think I am hungry and see how I feel after reading God's word. Usually by then I am not hungry anymore.
    Blessings , Joann

  8. Dear Crystal, My apologies. I deleted your pictures from my blog and left only the link your site. My intentions were not to steal your work but to share helpful information with others who like myself are living in poverty due to illness/disabilities (As a rule I post the link giving full credit to the original author). As soon as I recover from my most recent health setback I will do as you suggested and make the jam myself, take picture and post it.

    Again, my apologies.
    RE: Making Easy Grape Jelly


  9. Thanks Crystal for sharing this.It is timely for me too. I think sometimes we can make losing weight complicated. I need to press into God more (not food).Nice to read the other ladies thoughts. Very encouraging. God Bless.Angela (Australia)

  10. Thank you this is just what I needed to hear. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has trouble with self discipline. I'm going to start today with a new hope.

  11. This has been on my mind so much lately. I am so glad that you shared your experience with us. What a wonderful feeling to not feel desperation about weight loss and to be free from the bondage of overeating. I found your blog through Eyes of Wonder's facebook page that linked to your FB page. I am happy that I did! Your blog is wonderful. P.S. I have a homemade laundry detergent recipe on my blog and really love that you make this too. Your blog is a real treasure and blessing. I can't wait to read more :)

  12. What a wonderfully honest look at weight loss. I know this is my issue as well. Thanks for being honest!

  13. Thank you Crystal! Very well said and timely for me! I am going through menopause at 41 and keep gaining. I will take all this to the Lord and seek Him for my comfort and ask Him for help with self control when I'm not hungry but want to eat.

    Your site has been a huge inspiration for me for many years! I love your heart! Thank you for helping so many ladies like myself to live simply and be better moms and wives. You have an awesome "ministry" and the Lord is definitely using you! Blessings, Tammy

  14. Thanks Crystal. I just found your blog. I love Leslie Sansone's videos too!

  15. Dear Crystal, I also thank you for this post and I have also not thought of weight being a spiritual issue. I have 42lbs to lose and your post has given me the incentive to really focus on God regarding my weight issue and I know that with Him I can lose the weight.

    Well done for losing all the weight you have and for keeping it off.

    Your post is an incentive to us all :)
    blessings and hugs


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