Brats, Kraut and Potatoes

I really did not have any other great creative thoughts when I named this recipe.. so it has a little bit of a boring name.. but not a boring taste! :)

This morning when my hubby came home from work he saw my package of brats (Johnsonville brand from Costco) sitting on the counter. I was going to come up with something to make for dinner using them, but had not figured it out yet. He was hungry and said they looked really good.. Well you know I just never could say no my hard working hubby. So I did some quick thinking and cooked a couple of them up. Then I cut them in half (the long way) and put them on some toasted homemade bread that was covered with mayo and Dijon mustard. I piled sauerkraut on top and some sliced swiss cheese. I put them under the broiler until the cheese was melted. Well.. he was in heaven.. ;)

This little throw together meal for him gave me the inspiration I needed for dinner.

I started off with 3 ½ pounds of Brats (minus 2 brats :). Plus about 4lbs of potatoes..

I put the brats in large pan and added water. When they came to a boil I covered them and let them simmer for about 25 minutes.

While that was simmering I washed and cut up my potatoes…

I put these in an 11x15 pan and coated them with olive oil. Then sprinkled in a bit of salt and pepper…

I put the potatoes in the oven (at 400) to cook. While they were cooking, I chopped up a large onion..  I heated my small frying pan and added some olive oil. When it was hot I put the onions in the pan and added a big spoonful of minced garlic. I cooked this until the onions were soft.

By this time the brats were done cooking. I sliced them all up….

As soon as the potatoes were fork tender I took them out of the oven. I mixed in the brats and the onions. Then I added about 2 cups of sauerkraut and mixed this up real well…

Then I took about 5 slices (about 5oz) of swiss cheese and cut them in strips. If I had a block of swiss I probably would have grated it. But all I had were slices. I put the slices over the top of my mixture…

I baked this again at 350 for about 25 minutes. Just to heat up, let all the flavors blend together and melt the cheese.

I served this meal with extra sauerkraut on the side and a large tossed green salad …

The family's verdict?? ...  Yum!! :)


  1. Hi, Crystal~

    This sounds AMAZING! We love brats so I can't wait to try this!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. This looks and sounds so good! Oh how I wish my hubby liked kraut!

  3. Hope you enjoy it Laura as much as we did!! :)

    Leslie.. you could make this without the kraut and let those who like it add it on at the table..

  4. Oh, this looks a like a meal my dad would just gobble up...He loves potatoes and sausage. Yummy!!! Have a good week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. This looks and sounds like something my family would LOVE. I have two who love sauerkraut, so I'd have to serve that on the side.

  6. My family wouldn't like this (maybe if the sauerkraut was left out), but I would!

  7. Oh my goodness this looks so yummy. I have to make it but I'd have to leave the onions out for my hubby - or maybe he won't notice them ;0)


  8. This looks great! My family loves this combination also. Only I have not baked it with the cheese on top. I fry the potatoes, cook the kraut and brauts together with onion and they love it. I will have to try this one! Thanks!

  9. You are brilliant. This looks delicious. And this is another one my parents will love. I bet big franks would be good in this as well. I grew up eating those big red franks, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes. Wait until my mother sees this. Love it!


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