Birthdays and Back to School on the Homestead

Since the end of August we have celebrated 3 birthdays… the first was for my beautifully sweet daughter in law, Lolot.  My son really gave her a great party.. lots of friends, food and fun. She really enjoyed all the attention and we all had a great time.  Below is a picture of Sierra and Lolot at her party..

The second was my beautifully sweet daughter Leanne! She is such a great daughter.. I just love her to pieces.. she is sweet, kind, loving, caring, respectful, giving, helpful, and a fantastic dancer. She has been taking ballroom dancing classes for about a year now and is an excellent student. Her instructors have told her she is making extremely fast progress through the classes and she hopes one day to maybe be a dance instructor herself. She is also working on her college degree and is in her junior year. She has been doing this at home. She is working on an English degree. She loves to write. She also loves kids and thinks she may use her degree to work as a teacher and one day do her own business as a help/tutor/test administrator to the homeschooling community wherever she may live. She turned 19 on the 6th of September.

The next birthday was just last week. It was an early celebration for my granddaughter Elizabeth Emma.. She is just the sweetest granddaughter ever.. but I know I am biased.. :) we had a great time celebrating her turning two. Before I left the party I kissed and hugged her good bye and then she made sure I kissed and hugged her baby doll good bye too..  so sweet.. :)

Back to School

This last week we started our school year. My kids began their first day of school and I began my 23rd first day of school! Can’t believe I have been homeschooling for this many years. As I look back some years have been so easy and some have been so hard.. but in the end I take the good and the difficult times and you know, I would not change ANYTHING! I have loved spending my days with my children.. I have loved the closeness and the time spent with them through the years. Homeschooling is a conviction for me and my husband and we have lived out our conviction and will continue to until the race is done. It occurred to me as I began school this year that this “race” will be done before I know it! I only have two students left. That is the smallest class size I have had in years and I like that. Sierra is in 9th grade and Isaac is in 7th grade. Since my children graduate by 16 or 17 years I know I don’t have many years left and I am going to enjoy them to the fullest.

That's all from the Homestead today!! Hope you all have a great weekend!  :)



  1. Those are great pictures!! Lizzie is adorable. <3 :)

  2. Enjoyed all the pix of the girls, big and little. You must be very proud.

  3. Nice to read about your family (and love the homeschooling info on your site and blog. Encouraging!)


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