Happy Birthday to my Baby!!

Yesterday was my youngest son, Isaac’s, birthday!!  He turned 12 years old.  The years have really flown by and I am amazed that my baby is 12. He is my easy going, polite, considerate and generous son.  He loves his air soft guns, bow and arrows, and building tree forts (he currently has a big tree fort in the making in the favorite tree!).. he also will open car doors or store doors, offer to help where he can.. just an all around gentleman.  His latest interest is in ballroom dancing.  Leanne has been taking lessons now for several months and has been teaching Isaac a few basic dances and he really enjoys it.  He goes to the ballroom with her on occasion and when I stop in with Leanne all the instructors and even some of the students come to tell me what a little gentleman he is and how well he dances!  They really seem to enjoy it when he comes and gets out on that dance floor.. LOL..   

We celebrated his birthday with quite a houseful.  He had three of his friends here, plus a few other friends and family..  had to pull out a second table to serve dinner.. but it was lots of fun!   

Here are a couple pictures of my boy and his special day.. 



Love you so much Mr. I !!   


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Isaac!

    He is a handsome young man!



  2. donna www.merryheartcrafts.comMarch 13, 2010 at 3:12 AM

    What a handsome young man! Years seem to go by very quickly, don't they? Take care and God bless.

  3. Happy Birthday Isaac! .............Teresa from the Roost!

  4. Happy Birthday to your dear boy. My twins just turned 12. It's a fun age.

  5. What a handsome boy --- my baby is 12 and a young man also. God bless.

  6. Happy late birthday. My babies are now 11. Seems like they were just born last year. Time goes fast.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! He sounds like my youngest who will also be 12 this month!


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