Updates from my Homestead

Rain!  I woke up to the sound of rain this morning.. not the “light showers” that were forecasted but ‘rain’…  oh well.. I guess the garden can use it and our springs around here could use the boost..  so I won’t complain..  too much..     

One challenge Tobin has this morning is getting drywall.. can’t do that while it is raining.  We are remodeling Sierra’s bedroom and he had some areas to drywall.  Yesterday he got them framed in and today’s plan was to hit Home Depot just as the opened to get what he needed, come home and keep working.   After he does all the drywall and such then Sierra and I will paint.  Then Tobin will lay carpet.  Sierra has picked lime green walls and purple carpet..  When she told me the color scheme she wanted everything in me said.. no, no, no..  haa.. haa..  but ever wise Dad said.. it is her room.. let her have it..  so lime green and purple it is.  I have no idea how we are going to match curtains and comforters.. but we will cross that little challenge when we get there!   

I have finished the green beans in my garden and now my zucchini are really growing.  I planted a mini zucchini that is ready to be picked at 6 inches.  I really like these little guys.  Something about dealing with HUGE zucchini’s just does not thrill me.  Those usually end up as goat food.  So I thought if I planted the small one it would be more manageable.  And so far it has.   

Tobin had quite the experience last week.  He was cutting wood on our property and cut down a tree and was chunking it up when he realized that there were a few yellow jackets circling him.  Then started getting stung and realized the tree he just cut down had a yellow jacket nest in it!  He made a mad dash for the house but not before he had been stung 12 times!!  Thankfully he is not allergic to bees and wasps!  He is now dealing with the itching part, which is no fun.   

This week is county fair week in our little town.  Sierra entered one of her drawings but that is all we did this year.  I remember years past where we entered tons of stuff.  I am happy for the break.  Tomorrow evening is the big talent show and my girls want to go and watch.  Hannah asked if I would watch Elizabeth so she could go with the girls..  of course I said.. YES!!  I have been to sooo many talent shows and told them that I would much rather play grandma than go another year!    So I get grandbaby time and they have some fun sister time.   

Monday night my best and dearest friend, Sarah, called me at about 11pm from a town that is about 30 minutes east of our home.  She had been with her sister in law who was having a baby and wondered if her and her kids (she had 5 of her 6 with her) could spend the night at my house so she would not have to drive the 2+ hour drive to her home.  I said, yea!!   They came and went right to bed. But yesterday we were able to spend several hours together and the kids got to visit and play.  It was a very nice break in the week.  

Today my plans are to take Jacob to the Department of Licensing so he can take the written test for his permit.  He wants to learn to drive.  Now I will have 2 kids to teach how to drive at the same time.. ugh..  this is NOT my favorite thing to do!!   

Then it will be grocery shopping and home.  My menu got jumbled around a bit so pizza and buffalo wings are the plan for dinner tonight.  When I get home I will get pizza stuff assembled and work on laundry and do some house keeping.  

That is all the updates from my homestead.. time to get moving this morning! 


  1. My daughter wants a red and black room. We have compromised to red and black accessories and a gray/silver wall. I really was nervous but it really looks goood

  2. I have enjoyed the rain the past few days...at least I don't have to water the garden! What is the name of the zucchini that you are growing? We give our oversized ones to the pigs - they love them!

    Enjoy your special time with family & friends!



    Nadine's Nook


  3. I too would like the name of the variety of zucc. That is so sweet that your hubby sided with your daughter.


  4. Hi Crystal -here is the link to my daughters room that was done last year. It was not what I would have picked either, but it WAS her room and she likes it.



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