Monday on the Homestead


Today is an exciting day!  This will be Jacobs first day of school.  He is eager to get going so is starting early.  Plus he has a little trip coming up next month and wanted to get a jump on the school year so he would not fall behind.  Last night we went over his school subjects, text books and DVD’s for this year and wrote up his first weeks assignments on our school schedule.  Since he is pretty independent in his school work I find making weekly school schedules for my kids a way of keeping them accountable. They turn in the completed schedule on Friday and we go over their finished work and prepare the next weeks schedule.   I will start Sierra and Isaac next month sometime.. after my curriculum arrives in the mail! I ordered it last week.   

After Jacob is off and running with his school work I (with the help of my children) need to run through the house and get it picked up and cleaned up.   Then it will be deciding how to use the next bunch of zucchini I picked yesterday.  One thing I have done a lot of lately is sautéing it in butter and olive oil with onions and garlic.. yum!   I want to get some zucchini bread made and maybe grate and freeze some for later on this winter.   

The weather is supposed to be warming up over the next few days and I am very happy to hear this.  I have tons of green tomatoes and they really need some heat and sun to ripen up.  I am also ready to pull out my green bean plants as they are done now and do some weeding.  We have had rain and unseasonably cool weather lately and my garden has burst forth with a fresh crop of weeds! LOL..   

Today we also need to go into our local town and pick up Sierra’s art work that she entered in the fair.  It was a black and white pencil drawing that one first place!  She was thrilled!  Her drawing skills are getting better and better as she gets older.  This pic was very detailed.  I will scan it and post it when we get it back. When her room is done she will be able to hang it on her wall.    

Dinner tonight will be..  something yummy..   Usually it is weekend leftovers..  but there were none left over..  so I will come up with some clever..    

Hope you all have a great Monday on your homesteads!


  1. Hi Crystal,

    What are the best ways for freezing cabbages and zucchini please?



  2. Hey, girl! When I make the zucchini like you do sauteed in olive oil I add just a tbsp. of butter and a tbsp. of italian seasonings. It really gives it a little pizzaz. I hope you'll give it a try.

    Jessica from PA

  3. When I have an abundance of squash and zucchini,I chop it up in one inch pieces and saute it in olive oil with onions and add fajita seasoning. Serve in warm corn tortillias....veggie tacos. I love it! Add some chese and sour cream.

  4. bizzybuzzinhoneybeezness.blogspot.comAugust 17, 2009 at 1:54 PM

    Hi Crystal,

    I've been following for a while now...really enjoy your blog! I was just remembering what I used to do with the growing bounty of my squash when my sons were little. I made (dill)pickle squash out of them! Yellow squash was the best! It sounds pretty weird to a lot of people but it was fantastic! I also pickled okra! (dill) My family loved them and still ask for me to pickle them some.

  5. Chrystal,

    how long do you make the kids work? I do 30 min, take a 5 min break or so if they need it and then 30 min.

    one lady does 15 min of school work, 15 min of play, 15 min of school work.

    with your experience, what works the best?

  6. When I saute my zucchini I also mix in a few eggs while it is cooking. You can also add bacon,sausage or ham and make it as the main dish.I have has been making it this way for years and my kids love it.

    Throw a handful of romano cheese for extra flavor.


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