School Work and House Work


I had another question on my last blog post on school work and house work… 

how long do you make the kids work? I do 30 min, take a 5 min break or so if they need it and then 30 min.
one lady does 15 min of school work, 15 min of play, 15 min of school work.
with your experience, what works the best?

Well, I have my daily chores all written out and divided by the days of the week.  You can see them HERE.  Before we start school we all spend about 45minutes to an hour working through as many of the chores as we can.  I like to have my house in order before we start school.  Usually with all of us working on the jobs together we can get just about everything on the list done in that time.  I think better and can concentrate on other daily activities when things around me are in order and I know my kids do too. After the chores are done then we move onto school.  If there are any big cleaning jobs that did not get done or are extra chores we do those in the afternoon after the school work is finished.   

I also find that once my kids start working on their school work they really don’t like to stop and then go back to chores (they don’t like the break in concentration) so it is better all the way around for us if we just get them out of the way. 


  1. Ok, WOW! And I thought my house was clean! We work with animals so much I guess I really need to start paying more attention to taking care of the inside too. I don't think the top of the frig has been cleaned since we moved in 3 years ago and the cabinet fronts only get spot treatment when something drips down them. Off to make a list!


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