Yea for Emily!!


She did it! She passed her Biology CLEP test on Wednesday and now has officially completed two years of college! She is on track and so excited. She joined College Plus! in April, took her first test in May and is now done with two years worth of college credits by December!  Way to go Emily!! We are extremely proud of her . Once again I just have to say how satisfied we are with College Plus! and I recommend them to anyone looking for a cost and time effective way to earn a degree… all from home. 


  1. Great job Emily. That is wonderful. Thank you for making the time to share your experiance with College Plus with all of us. *smile*

    Winter blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)

  2. That is sooooo exciting, Congrats Emily, all that hard work does pay off .

    Crystal I will check out that link, thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all the good things you share. It has been a Blessing

  3. Just wondering if you'd mind sharing what type of degree Emily earned?

  4. Keep up the Great work.

  5. I just wanted to answer the question on what type of degree Emily is getting... she is half way done with a bachelors degree in Accounting.

    Crystal :)

  6. I would LOVE to hear more about this program!!! Love your blog!!!!

  7. Keeley ( 13, 2008 at 1:59 AM

    Well Done, Emily! How wonderful! =) What a fabulous accomplishment.

  8. Hi, my friend Heather put forwarded this to me. We are considering doing the CLEP thing, possibly even starting in January and since I don't personally know anyone I was hoping for advice. You could email me off blog or if you have some previous enteries you could refer me to? (I didn't see a category for it.) Anyway, we're considering going it on our own, at least at first. I've listened to tapes etc... but wondering someones thoughts on paying for a service vs. doing yourself? Can you help. Thanks.


    p.s. Love the pic's on your blog, I'll have to try the cough drops, I have a homemade cough syrup on my blog if you're interested...


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