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Aside from fighting colds this week life has been humming along. I managed to get a little baking done yesterday. I went to make Tobin some breakfast and realized I was completely out of bread… I was quite happy to have some sprouted wheat english muffins in my freezer, so he still got his breakfast! I made 6 loaves of my whole wheat bread. I was making some bean soup for dinner and also made a pan of honey wheat dinner rolls to go along with that.  Sierra made a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies. 

At this point only Emily, Sierra and I have the cold and I hope that is the way it stays! We have been taking lots of Nutribiotic, and drinking herb tea. Unfortunately I ran out of Emergen-C packets. I found a place online that sells them for a great price ( ). I usually order them from Azure but even with shipping I paid less per box than what I can get them for through Azure. So I ordered 3 boxes and hope they will arrive soon. Tobin has not gotten this cold, which is good.. he is currently working on repairs on one of our rentals during his weekends. We were hoping for some down time this winter.. ~sigh~ but when things like this come up you just have to deal with it. I am praying he does not get sick and can keep up his strength until the project is done. 


We still do not have our tree up. We always get live trees and if we get them too early they dry out to fast so we will wait until maybe next Saturday to get it. Because the cold hit us I have yet to get my Christmas decorations out either. I hope to get to that either today or tomorrow. We need this house looking a lot more festive!  About the only thing we are doing regularly is playing Christmas music! I must say my favorite CD for this Christmas is Casting Crowns new Christmas CD. I keep switching between that and a couple of Kenny G holiday CD’s and Kenny Chesney’s Christmas CD (with my all time favorite song.. All I Want For Christmas is a Real Good Tan..  LOL) and others.. I am amazed at how many Christmas CD’s I have collected over the years. Hopefully by the weekend our home will not only sound like the Christmas season but look like it too!    


The next thing that I MUST finish today and tomorrow is Christmas gifts that I will be sending out in the mail. I don’t have a lot to do on them and I will feel a great sense of accomplishment once they are done and in the mail!


The countdown continues for my son.. less than 2 weeks now until he leaves Iraq. These last few weeks have really been tough for him.. you would think things would lighten up as they prepare to leave.. but he says, nope.. they are working the guys 16 hours a day except on Sunday, they only work 12..  I know he is exhausted both mentally and physically. I am so looking forward to him coming home and getting some relax time with us… and he is too! 


Well dinner tonight will be leftovers! I have bean soup left from last night and if it is not enough to go around I will add some grilled cheese sandwiches to it. Tobin does not have to work tonight (his usual night to work), instead he is attending a training class at work this morning and will be home to enjoy the evening with us. We have a couple more LOST episodes to watch.. that show is rather addicting! I don’t know what I will do when we watch all the ones that are out on DVD.. I guess just wait patiently for the rest of them to come out! LOL.. 


That is all the updates from my homestead! I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season! 


  1. your absoultly right about Lost ! We finally caught up on the prev seasons and are anxiously waiting for the new season !

  2. Crystal,

    Your website and blog have been a continual source of positive support for me throughout the years. I hope you don't mind, but I've written about you and your website/blog on my blog. You can take a look if you would like.

    Thank you so much for all that you have done for homemakers everywhere!

  3. Hi and good morning! I am so happy to hear your son is arriving home. It's been nearly 2 years since my brother arrived home from Iraq but I still remember the joy we had awaiting his arrival. I tied yellow balloons every 100 yards or so on the road leading home. I bought I think 40 or so. It was really special to him he said. The hug he gave me that day is one that I will always remember and treasure. You'll know what I mean in just a few weeks. Have a great day! ~Jessica


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