Updates from the Homestead

Well the last snow pictures I showed you were just the beginning of this storm!  LOL..  well maybe not really..  but pretty close! We got a break from the snow for a few hours but it is back again.  I will share some updated pics in this post. 

My hubby was finally able to come home on Monday night!  Yea!!  I kept watching the DOT website waiting to see when the highway would be open and finally about 4:30pm Jacob refreshed the webpage and came to me saying..  Mom I think it’s open now.  So I checked and sure enough.  I called Tobin’s cell and told him the good news and he was so happy.   He had worked Saturday night as usual, slept at work in a chair for a few hours and worked another shift on Sunday plus overtime.  By Monday morning the highway was still closed. His company paid for a hotel room for him so he could get some sleep which was a real blessing. But by Monday evening things were open again and he could come home. 

On Tuesday he cleared the driveway and by afternoon we were able to get to town and pick up groceries and then we were going to pick up my son.  But his plane had mechanical difficulties and was delayed 4 hours.  So we headed home, unpacked groceries and went back to town to pick him up at midnight.  We were so thrilled to see him!!  It has been a year and half since he has been home.  He arrived home to see all the yellow balloons greeting him from the fence posts and tied to trees lining the driveway and the back porch.  We had pizza and talked till nearly 3am..  needless to say we all slept in this morning!   

We also woke up to MORE snow and it has been snowing ever since.  Tobin redid the driveway and then dug our neighbor out of his drive way too.  Tobin says if it does not stop snowing pretty soon there will be no place to put all this snow after cleans up!   

Well now for pics..  remember the picnic table?  Well if you look carefully you may just be able to see it now..   that is my deck almost completely full of snow..

Here are a few more shots from around my property.. 

Part of the driveway with the snow walls on each side from the snow removed…

My front yard…

Updated pic of Emily’s car… 

And some pretty pics of our property that Emily took this morning…


Have a very Merry Christmas Everyone! 


  1. Thanks for the snow update. It is just amazing! I am so happy that you get to spend Christmas with your Son and that he is home safe. We continue to pray for the safety and safe arrival of all of our Soldiers. Please Thank him for all of us!

    Merry Christmas :0)


  2. Christal from ChicagoDecember 26, 2008 at 2:13 AM

    Dear Crystal,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    I'm so glad Richard made it home safely.

    God Bless, and enjoy your time together.

    Thanks for creating a wonderful blog!

  3. I am simply amazed at the amount of snow you have gotten. I am so happy that Richard made it in safely.



  4. I cannot believe all the snow you got, wow. We have been iced over in central Illinois but today we woke up to an unusual spert of warmth and everything has melted. It even smells like spring. It will end tonight though with winter temps again. Have a wonderful renunion with you son and a great New Year 2009! Blessings.


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