Saturday on the Homestead


Today a new snow storm moved in. We have been very dry and cold and now I guess things are changing.. can’t wait for winter to end.. I am not a fan of being cold.. LOL.. In the meantime we are keeping our wood stove going around the clock. Plus we have an ample supply of hot water.. have not had our hot water heater on in a couple of months now. 


The day has seemed quiet and calm. Jacob and Sierra went to a church sleep over with their youth group and Emily and Leanne are house sitting so it was just me and Isaac last night.. that was fun. We snuggled up and watched an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Perry Mason. Jacob and Sierra arrived home this morning after only a couple of hours of sleep and promptly went to bed.. they are just now getting up. I joked with them and told them they are now on the night shift schedule and could go to work with dad! Jacob liked the idea, Sierra was not as thrilled.. 


I did a little crocheting on my afghan today. It is very slow going. I picked a simple enough pattern (basket weave) but it seems to take longer then I figured it would.. oh well.. at least I have something to keep my hands busy during the quiet times.


On Thursday I went and picked up my Azure order. The lady looked at it and said.. “is that all you got!” LOL.. I usually have a huge order and this time it was one box and case of tomato sauce.. I guess I had stocked up well enough in the past that this month I got a break. But since then I have found a couple of things I should have ordered.. I guess they will go on next months order. 


I still have not finished Caden’s quilt. I really need to get that done; just finding the time has been the biggest problem. But if I am snowed in tomorrow I won’t be going to church and so a sewing day seems like a good way to spend my time. 


Last Monday was a holiday and Hannah had that off from her bank teller job… so she came for a visit. It is always nice to see her. She brought along her newest addition.. her furbaby, Molly.. she is a lab/golden retriever mix… and what a doll she is! I love labs.. we had one when I was growing up and they are such loyal and faithful dogs. Molly is 11 weeks old and still in need of a bit of training.  Here is a pic of Hannah and Molly…




Leanne received her leather work boots in the mail this last week. She was very excited. We did find her some that she liked and she seemed to feel they would do the job, and they fit well. She has a very narrow foot so it was a bit of a challenge to find them. She needs these for her missions trip. Now she needs to break them in.. they strongly encourage everyone to break in their boots before boot camp (that is what they call their 2 weeks of training before she leaves to Egypt). So she will start wearing them around the farm. 


Dinner tonight will vary from my menu.. I am going fry up some of my leftover ham with onions and potatoes and add a salad. Dessert.. may or may not be on the menu.. at the moment I am not feeling real motivated!


That is all from the homestead.. hope you all are keeping warm.. 


  1. My dd has a new lab puppy, well she is 5 months right now. And let me just say, tell your daughter to start early with the training. Diva, the pup, is chewing my dd's house up and down, LOL. It's not funny but it's funny, the faces that she makes, the pup not dd, LOL. .........Kitty

  2. That puppy is so adorable! I love reading your blog and getting ideas on things I could be doing. Like your oldest daughter I just discovered I am pregnant, with our first!, and I love reading her articles on feeding a family on a low budget because when I start staying at home after baby, the income will be smaller. Thank you for helping me to see that even with less money our lives will be so much more abundant with an attentive mommy at home!

    p.s. Good luck on the quilt and afghan. I have been a woman possessed with crocheting the last few weeks. I suppose it's the nesting... :)

  3. I grew up in Washington and really enjoy reading your Blog about your family and home. Live now in California and miss Washington.

  4. Sounds like you are all keeping busy! That puppy is adorable! Tell Leanne to wear those boots a lot to break them in really well. I know from experience that wearing boots that haven't been broken in is miserable!

  5. I was looking for encouragement. I hs and try to do all those homesteading things you mention n your site. I don't really have my husband as a helper in them. He likes living in the country but that is about it! The animals and anything to do with them are all for me to do. Winter gets long and I struggle with keeping our single wide trailor clean and organized which drives me and dh crazy. So I need daily encouragement from another in my position besides praying alot! Well Gotta go! Thanks for you site and blog!


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