Happy New Year!


I started my New Year out with a quiet day. My younger three kids had gone to their friend’s houses so it just left me, Tobin, Emily and Leanne. Emily said to me… “Don’t you notice how peaceful it is today Mom?” .. haa.. haa.. yes she was right!  I took advantage of that peacefulness and got my newsletter sent out and then cleaned my bedroom. It was in need of some deep cleaning. It looks so much better now! I also washed 4 loads of laundry. In the evening I finished up all my book keeping work for my ebusiness so I could hand it all over to Tobin in preparations for taxes.. So all in all I thought it was a very productive day. Tobin and I went and picked up the kids in the evening, so that ended the peacefulness.. LOL.. 


On New Years Eve, I lost my internet connection. I thought it was the fault of my satellite company and I was busy that day so I just waited thinking they would solve the problem. But when it did not get solved I called the tech people and they got me back up and running. A couple of weeks ago I hooked up a router and helped Tobin and Emily get their laptops up and running and connected to the internet. Apparently some little hiccup between my router and modem caused the problem. Now I know to check that first if I ever have that happen again.


This morning there is a nice dusting of snow on the ground. Don’t know if it will snow any more but as it is slowly getting light out it is pretty to see. We have the wood stove going just about ‘round the clock keeping us warm and toasty. I think I will be doing a little baking today to help with the warm and toasty feelings (plus I get to use my new grain mill again, and I will share about that in my next blog post)... Dinner is still up in the air.. but maybe some Chinese food will be on my menu. 


Today, aside from kitchen work, some orders to send out and more laundry to do I will be printing off a couple of books in prep for starting school back up. I had posted about using the Robinson Curriculum and my book printing. Someone asked me what program I use that gets 4 pages to one sheet of paper. Well it isn’t a program but rather an option with my printer. I have a Brother laser printer and I can print in duplex (prints on both sides of the paper) or I can print in booklet (prints 2 pages on each side of the paper). I use the booklet setting to print out my books for the kids. Saves a lot on paper, especially when I am printing out 300 to 400 page books. 


Hope you all have a nice day today on your homesteads.. 


  1. Sounds like you're having a good day! Funny, but I have been working on my bedroom as well. It's the room that's seen by the least amount of people and so extra boxes/paper, etc., from Christmas seem to have made their way back there! I can't rest in a cluttered room--so I'll be getting it tidied up today. I also wanted to let you know that I'll be using your laundry recipe and formula for savings with our co-op Girl's Club next week. Thanks for sharing it! :-)


  2. Busy busy.....just the 4 loads of laundry would have had me winded!!! LOL Glad you are getting alot accomplished!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  3. Hi Crystal - Since you mentioned your newsletter, I wanted to let you know I signed up for it, but I have never received one. Is there something else I need to do in order to receive it? Thanks! Sherri (mikesgirl)

  4. Crystal,

    Happy New Year to you my dear friend.

    Love to you all,



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