Saturday on the Homestead


Today not a whole lot got done around the homestead. We did do some housework, washed a couple loads of laundry and made dinner. I enjoyed the more relaxed day a lot. Tobin had an extra day off this week and it is always so great to have him home. He and I went to town one day this last week. We had errands to run and went out to lunch. Both of us enjoy our date times quite a bit. It is nice to get away and just have a little couple time.


When we left our home it was snowing. Not a lot of snow but enough to make the roads slushy. By the time we got out of the mountains and into the city it was just raining. I called the kids just before we were heading home and they said it had snowed all day. As we drove home it became more and more white the closer to home we got. By the time we crossed the bridge and were making it back to our home the roads were covered in snow. We came across 2 accidents and lots of flashing lights from police cars dealing with it all and tow trucks. Many people who were headed in the other direction (the snow was more intense as you drove eastward.. we were moving westward at this point) were pulling over to put chains on. We drove a little past our home and picked up Sierra’s friend. Her mom did not want to drive in the snow and I don’t blame her, I don’t drive in the snow either. Tobin is more experienced in snow driving having grown up in Chicago he got plenty of practice. When we did get home, well, I was just happy to be home and be out of all the mess.


By morning it was raining and all melting but tonight there is more snow in the forecast.. sooooo.. how much longer till winter is over???  I am trying to be patient and wait for spring. 


The kids are on vacation from school work and have enjoyed that. However I will be happy for us to get back into our regular routine. They have had friends over and have spent time at their friends house so I know they are enjoying there little break.


As I look into the New Year I get excited thinking about the changes I want to make. Something about a new year is refreshing. Like having a blank piece of paper that I can choose how I want to fill it all in. It is nice to have a time of reflection and to look ahead at new goals to accomplish. I don’t like the idea of resolutions, but instead I focus on goals. 


One of my goals this year is to work on simplification of my life. I have already started by thinking about my menu planning and cooking. This winter I am going to make much better use of my crockpot. I love having my dinner preps done for the day early on. This morning Emily put 8 chicken thighs in the crockpot and put salt and pepper on them. Then she mixed up a can of cream of mushroom soup (healthy kind.. organic, the brand is Amy’s) and ½ cup sour cream. She poured this over the top. At dinner time Leanne made a salad, I made some whole wheat oat dinner rolls and cooked some noodles. It was so easy to put dinner on. Right now I have a corned beef defrosting and will put that in crockpot tomorrow with potatoes and cabbage. 


Anyway.. meal planning is just one area I need to simplify. I will share some of my other areas soon.. 


Now it is time to go and watch an old tv show with Sierra. The boys are busy with their xbox and Emily and Leanne are working this evening watching Miss Margaret. So Sierra and I are going to watch an episode of Murder She Wrote and maybe one of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. 


  1. I was just wondering if you ever found a wheat grinder you liked yet or not and if you have, do you like it and what kind is it? Thanks, Lori

  2. My Son is in Korea and I thought we might need to lean on one another sometime.I am a click away..

    God Bless you all!


  3. Hi! I'm a casual reader of your blog and forum and noticed that you still need work boots for your daughter. I was clicking away looking for after Christmas bargains and found these boots at for $14.97!!! Sizes are limited...maybe you'll be lucky and they will have her size.

    lynne in Wisconsin

  4. Crystal,

    Nice reading about your day. Love the new look to your pretty.

    Love ya friend,


  5. I saw on your website that you like cast iron pans. I bought several at the Lodge outlet in TN. I cooked hamburgers in the grill pan and it was difficult to get out. I saw that you said you use mild detergent to clean, but they told me not to use anything. What detergent do you use and does it cause the seasoning to come off?

    BTW, I used the SOS pad and reseasoned.




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