Friday on the Homestead


Wow, it is Friday already.. this week just flew by… Christmas and the New Year will be here before I know it.


I am in a Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions) mode again. I have incorporated a lot of her methods, like soaking grains and beans, but my ability to do this regularly is not a matter of habit yet. It takes a lot of pre-planning! So when life gets busy I fall back into my regular habits (which are still healthy! ). This week however, I made beef stock for the first time. I started it on Tuesday using about 7lbs of beef soup bones, onions and carrots. I let simmer for 26 hours. Then strained it and put it in the fridge on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday morning I pulled it out, skimmed all the fat off the top and proceeded to make soup for last nights dinner. Also on Wednesday night I put some rice on to soak with water and yogurt in it. I cooked this up on Thursday. I added some beef stew meat to my stock and let that simmer for several hours and then about 1 hour before we sat down to eat I added some frozen organic green beans and chopped up some organic carrots. Then added some cooked brown rice. The soup was delicious! I have some left today which I am sure will get eaten for lunch. The only seasoning I added was a little bit of salt. Talk about a lot of flavor and nutrition! I am going to make some more this weekend and freeze it into small portions for use in other recipes. I am trying to avoid as much MSG and all its various names in my food. My hubby has reactions to MSG and just does so much better without it in his diet. 


Today I am going to make her Jamaican Beans & Rice. I got the beans soaking last night and still have rice leftover from yesterday so it should be easy to put together. I also got some flour soaking with yogurt for pancakes for breakfast this morning. Now to get some Latin Sauerkraut made so I can serve the black bean tortillas next week.. 


I finished my afghan a couple of days ago. I like having something to work on in the evenings. I figured since I did not have a lot of time to work on it that it would be a slow project, but amazingly it went together very quickly. It was an easy pattern and that was nice because I could sit and watch tv with the kids in the evening while I crocheted. Here is a picture of it…




On my to-do list today is to fill orders and get some oils measured out for soap. I need to make a couple types of soap and make some lotion. I think the lotion will be made tomorrow. I also have Christmas projects to work on. Someone asked me to share what I was doing for my projects, and well.. I would but I have family members who read my blog and I don’t want them to know..  I will share after Christmas!  In the meantime I do have some Christmas ideas on my site. 


I have more questions to answer that people have asked on my blog.. and I will get them answered as soon as I have the time… 


I need to get my son’s Christmas box out to him today too. I probably will send him another one before the month is up but I wanted to make sure he got this one in time. 


My daughter Emily is planning another gingerbread house making party for her siblings and their friends. She did this last year. She made all the gingerbread house parts and frosting and everyone who was invited brought the candy. The kids really enjoyed this a lot and were asking her to do it again this year, it is now a tradition.. LOL.. just remember, you do something once with a kid a it is a tradition!


Hope you all have a great Friday on your homesteads!




  1. Looks like you've been busy! I have GOT to get a copy of that cookbook. I keep seeing all of the wonderful recipes and can't wait to try them! Thanks for sharing your Christmas ideas. :o)

    (I'm still praying for your son...)


  2. If your daughter has directions for the Gingerbread house I would love to know.



  3. To get my book, Nourishing Traditions.. my daughter just bought it for me as a gift. I think we have incorporated alot of ideas that will be discussed but I am eager to learn more!! Have a great weekend!! Love, Mrs. Joseph Wood

  4. The afghan is beautiful!!! I wish I had learned while my mother was still alive. My goal this winter is to learn!!!

    Also, thanks for the Christmas ideas!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  5. Crystal,

    I love the afghan! I have been looking to make one. When you have time, could you share the intructions and needle size? Blessings to you and your family during this holiday season!


  6. Your blog is such an encouragement to me! I work in a very fast-paced office as a marketing exec and I dream of slowing down and getting out of the workforce to focus my work on my home. You are such an encouragement to me to keep aiming for the prize! Thank you for providing such down to earth information on a regular basis. You are an inspiration!

    Angela Campany

  7. Enjoyed checking in with your blog today. You have so much that is interesting to read and see. I am putting you down as one of my "tagees", details at my blog. Hope you enjoy it!


  8. My these recipies sound so delicious - please can you post the recipies when you have a spare moment :).

    I am pleased you received the calendar and that you like it.

    If I dont catch up with you before hand - have a brilliant Christmas.

    Love and hugs



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