Gingerbread House Party Preps..


Well tomorrow is the big day.. 16 young children will be here at our home making gingerbread houses. We did this last year and it was a great success so we are doing it again this year.. only with twice as many kids.. we may have a tradition starting here.. 


Emily and Leanne love making gingerbread houses. Usually they make a big one each year. This year with Emily working and Leanne very busy they decided to forgo this tradition. But they really wanted to still have some gingerbread house fun.. so planned another gingerbread house party. They both stayed up one night till the wee hours of the morning making dough and cutting out house parts. 


Here are the house parts all stacked and ready for Saturday:




Today and tomorrow morning she will be making frosting, lots of frosting..  There are two types of frosting to make.. one the “glue” that holds the houses together and the other is what you spread on the house to make the candy stick.


The kids will start arriving tomorrow at 10am, except for my friend Sarah and her kids. They will be here tonight and spend the night with us. Each of the children arriving will be bringing candy and a sack lunch. Emily and Leanne get them started right away gluing the houses together and then while they dry the kids eat lunch and she has some games planned and maybe sing some Christmas songs. Then after the houses dry comes the fun of decorating the houses. The party is usually over by 2 or 3 in the afternoon. 


While this is going on, the mom’s help when needed and do lots of visiting along with tea, coffee, cocoa drinking.. and cookie eating. Emily and Leanne have also been making cookies, and today Sierra and I may make some more and maybe some fudge.. we will see how far I get today as I have a ton of other things to do too... 


I will be sure to post pictures of all the fun next week!


Emily has used this website for ideas, patterns and recipes:  However the owner of the site has removed a lot of the patterns. If you go to the forum on the site you will find instructions on locating the patterns on line.


  1. Wow they were busy and will be busy..Thank you for the link I've always wanting to make a gingerman house maybe I'll try this year..Thanks for sharing haflinger

  2. This will surely be a blessing to all those children! I pray you are blessed in return!! With much love, Mrs. Joseph Wood

  3. Crystal,

    Wishing you all a fun day. I can't wait to see the pictures of all the houses and the kids having fun.

    What a blessing for you all to do this.

    Love ya friend,



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