Leanne’s Mission Trip


Well I do believe the reality of my daughter Leanne’s mission trip hit home yesterday when we went and applied for a passport. I think up to this point it was all talk.. and now it looks like the ball is rolling on this.


Leanne has had and interest in missionary work for some time now. Her trip to Mexico really lit a spark in her and she wanted to do more. She talked with our pastor and he recommended looking into Teen Missions International. His son along with a few other young people, from the church he pastored several years ago, went and he has known of others who went and gave them an enthusiastic recommendation. So Leanne began to research this and pray about working with this organization. We prayed about it, looked into it ourselves and discussed this and decided that if this is where her heart is at then we would support this. 


In October she signed up for the summer of ’08. She received her packet of information, her prayer cards, donation forms and such in the mail along with instructions on what to do next, which said to apply for her passport immediately, among other things. 


She will be going to an orphanage in Egypt to work. The whole missions trip will last 2 months. She has 2 weeks of training in Florida, then it is on to Egypt for a month and then 2 weeks of debrief in Switzerland. 


So yesterday as we were applying for her passport I thought.. oh my, she really is going!  Of course the trip has it expenses and I am very proud of her determination in this. Almost every penny she has earned since coming home from Mexico has gone right into her missions trip fund. She herself has already earned over half what is needed and we are trusting that Lord will bring all these details together for her in time. 


  1. That is exciting news about Leanne.I know you are so proud of her! This will be an amazing experience for her. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    Hope you're having a nice day!



  2. Wow Crystal, it is so nice to see our youth doing the Lords work. What a blessing she is. I pray the Lord will guide and protect her on her missions. God bless you and yours Pam

  3. My sister-in-law took two teen mission trips. One to Fiji and one to Ireland. She had wonderful experiences and loved them both.



  4. What a wonderful expierence for your daughter! I know it will be life changing in so many ways! God bless her for her BIG heart!



  5. Hi Crystal,

    Just a side thought (& hope it's not too bold a suggestion), but have you or Leanne thought about perhaps selling some of your beautiful wares/homemade items to help with raising the rest of the mission funds needed?

    I for one, would love to purchase items that I knew the proceeds would be going to help towards her mission trip. I imagine others who read your blog would too.

  6. Sorry, I forgot to mention the above suggestion was from Lyn. God bless!

  7. What an amazing adventure she will have! I get so tired of hearing negative things about "kids these days" and then when you read about kids like Leanne it just reaffirms to me that our future is bright indeed! Blessings to you and your family and I will be praying for Leanne!


  8. Crystal,

    Good luck to your wonderful daughter, what an amazing young woman!


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