Wednesday on the Homestead


Here it is Wednesday and the week is going by quick... my day was very productive. I got my house in nice shape and ran a few loads of laundry. Yesterday Tobin had jury duty. He was not picked so after he got home we had some lunch and then later in the afternoon headed into town. We had some errands to run. We picked up a new xbox for Jacob. He had ordered a refurbished one on line that last 4 days.. we sent it back and he was feeling pretty bummed about this. He had spent his hard earned money from working this summer on this and was out of money. We gave him the extra needed and then picked a brand new one up for him. He was so happy.. gotta have some reward for the hard work!  Tobin and I then went out to dinner at the Outback Steak House.. I like that place.. it was nice. We then and went and did more shopping and looking, mostly. It was just nice to go out and spend some time together. We got home after 10:00pm.. kids were like.. “WHERE were you!!”… I just said.. “out”.. LOL.. (they can always get me by cell phone if I was needed).. 


Today I managed to get 4 books assembled for my kids schooling. I have mentioned that I am now using the Robinson Curriculum and it relies on reading a lot of books. My kids spend 2 or more hours a day reading. The books all come on 22 CD’s. I have to print and assemble the books. I found a good way to do this from a lady on a Yahoo group I am on. I am printing about 2 to 4 books a week, most of them for my 3 younger kids. Leanne is reading some too but hers are bigger books and she makes her way through them a bit slower.  Yesterday I printed out 4 books and got them assembled. I have a laser printer that prints 4 pages to one piece of paper. I fold the paper and hole punch the books, then sew them together with dental floss. I bind them with duck tape. The books seem to hold up well. 


Here is a picture of the 4 I just finished this afernoon…



Here are some of the other ones I have done this year..



Emily is not home yet so we are waiting for her before we have dinner; which will be leftover chicken with alfredo sauce over pasta. She is gone for some long days watching her little twins. My how they are growing.. they are 5 months now and so cute! She has them on a schedule and does a great job with them. She is even learning some sign language to teach to them too. 

Leanne is getting ready to apply this week for a mission’s trip next summer. I will share more as things progress. We need to go and get her passport soon. I have no idea how much time that will take. There will be a lot of details to take care of if she is accepted. 


Jacob and Isaac are at a friends house this evening and maybe for the night.. I am waiting for the phone call. They seem to always get to that point when they are at Andy’s house.. they go for the afternoon and then call and tell me they are invited to spend the night..  Same happens when Andy comes here for the afternoon!


Sierra and I are going to get dinner on now.. Hope you all have a great evening on your homestead!





  1. Wow Crystal, that is a wonderful idea to sew with the books with dental floss! Pretty neat!! Thanks for sharing and have a good rest of your week. =)


  2. date night! I love date night. How sweet just you and your honey.

    I sure your son was thrilled and so happy - what a great gift!

    Have a blessed day my friend!


  3. I was wondering how you are liking the Robinson Curriculum. I was thinking about purchasing it for my kids. They are ages 8, 5, 4, and 10 months. I really haven't been able to find many reviews about it so I am very curious how its going. ~ Sue

  4. Crystal,

    Jacob is going to be so are Tobin are such GREAT parents!!

    Enjoyed reading about your days, as always.

    Love ya friend,


  5. I love the way you put the books together. I have been downloading some from through the old fashioned education site & have been wondering how to bind them up economically. Thanks!!!

    Also, how do you like the Robinson curriculum for your older students? I have a 13 year old that I was thinking of using this with next year.

  6. madiantin.blogspot.comNovember 15, 2007 at 4:07 PM

    I'm about to ask what at least two others have done; how are you liking the Robinson Curriculum?

    I bought a similar product (<a href ="">Accelerated Achievement</a> but I could never get into it and ended up buying a hodge podge of curriculae that fit in well with our eclectic homeschool.

    What is the programme you're using that allows you to print out your four pages in such a nifty way?

  7. Crystal,

    Care to guide a computer illiterate mom on how to make the printer put four pages on one piece of paper? : )

    I have bunches of e-books I would love to print out for school but haven't found an economical way to do it. I have an HP All-in-One printer. Sadly, I don't even know if that means it is a laser printer or not : (


    Barb J.


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