Saturday on the Homestead


I am sitting in a nice and quiet home this morning listing to the rain outside and doing a little web work.  Several times over the last week or so I have sat down to make a blog entry and something has come up and I did not have the time. Life seems rather detailed oriented at the moment!  With the holiday season here I am filling more orders from my country store and making more products to keep up.   


Life on our homestead has been very busy. Our dryer died on us a couple weeks ago and with a long string of dry days I was still able to hang out laundry. Tobin and I discussed what would be the best choice in replacement. After lots of research we decided to replace both our washer and dryer with a new front load set. We spent more time shopping until we felt we had found the best choice. I have to say that we are both extremely happy with this choice. Not only does this washer save on water but electricity too. Our previous washer used 50 gallons of water to wash a load of laundry, the new one uses about half that or less. It uses less soap as well. And the biggest savings we have seen so far is in the electricity. The washer spins out the clothes so well that the dryer is running for a fraction of the time. It won’t be long at all before the set pays for itself. This new washer created quite a bit of excitement in our home. I am sure it will be the only time I will ever have my whole family crowding into the laundry room to watch clothes being washed.  


Aside from that excitement Tobin and the boys did manage to get our wood shelter packed with wood for the winter. So we are all set now. What a great feeling of satisfaction to look at a full wood shelter.. kind of like looking at a pantry full of food. 


I have heard from my son, who is in Iraq, a few times now. Other than getting sick and recovering he is doing well and said they keep everyone very busy and the time seems to be flying by. We were both amazed that he has been there a month already .. I told him, yea! One down, 13 to go!


That is all I have time for this morning. I have my best friend here visiting me. She came last night with 3 of her 6 children. The kids played and we visited until way late. Finally shuffled all the kids off to bed and hit the sack. I have this internal alarm clock that still goes off very early in the morning despite my lack of sleep (I think I have myself trained to function on very little sleep anyway!), so I ended up waking up pretty much on my regular schedule.   Now I need to start thinking of breakfast for everyone. I may just make up a yummy batch of pumpkin pancakes


Hope you all have a great Saturday on your homestead!


  1. Its good to see you back again, I have missed you! Pam

  2. am soooo glad you are back.... was worried.....

  3. I am so glad to hear of all your blessings! Praise God for providing a new washing machine and for your Son's protection! A visit with a friend? Oh, those are always fun blessings from the Father!!! You are very blessed indeed!! Have a wonderful week!! With much love, Mrs. Joseph Wood

  4. Would you share what brand of machines you bought? We've been looking and can't decide.


  5. Crystal,

    Enjoyed reading this...I read it several days ago and just now leaving a comment.

    Love ya friend,



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