More from Crystal’s Country Store!


I have added a few more new things to my store..


I have a new goat milk soap scent that is my current favorite! It is Fruit Slices. The smell combines an assortment of citrus fruits along with apples, plums, peaches, nectarines and pears. Plus Fruit Slices Lotion is now available to match..




To go along with my new Christmas Spice soap I am offering Christmas Spice Lotion for a very limited time. It will be available through the month of December or until my supply runs out, whichever comes first.




Emily has been busy making a new assortment of rice pad fabric choices. These rice pads make great gifts! 



  1. These look wonderful! You are so talented to be able to put these together in such a pretty manner! May teh Lord bless you and your efforts!!

  2. Crystal,

    All of your new things look GREAT!!! I can't wait to place my order and try them.

    Love ya friend,


  3. Lovely family Crystal. You must be so proud of them all...and so proud of your son in the military! I'm shocked too, that he got his box of goodies in only 5 days. WOW!



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