Summer Remodel Job


After 3 months and lots of work, the south side of our house is finally finished; at least the living room and the sunroom. The windows to the far left are another project for another year.. we have big plans..   but they will have to wait for another summer! We also are working a little bit on the east side of the house; we put in a new front door and are doing some painting. But the changes don’t seem as dramatic as this side. 


I have been asked by a couple people if I would share pics of our remodel job.. so here they are!


Here is a pic of what it looks like now…



Here is what it looked like before…



I am very proud of my hubby Tobin.. he did all the work himself.. including building the window frames and doing a lot of repair. The house was built in 1925 and there is/was dry rot in a few areas. He has repaired all of it in this part of the house (and he repaired rotten areas of the deck as well), framed in the new windows, put up all new siding (but not on the upstairs section) and primed and painted it. The inside of the living room and sunroom now needs to be finished as it is just studs in both rooms.. but that will be our winter time project!   




  1. That is impressive Crystal... how wonderful!!! Congratulations! :)

    Way to go DH!!!

    My Cup Runneth Over...


  2. Just beautiful! Your home looks like it is a lovely sanctuary :)

  3. It's beautiful! You and I both are so blessed to have husbands who are able to do the work themselves! I know we would never be able to afford some of our projects otherwise. :o)


  4. Can you send Tobin to Louisiana to do mine now? LOL Oh my home was built in the 20 s too and is in need or repairs. Good job you guys.


  5. How beautiful!

    Would Tobin like a trip to Australia!! Lol.


  6. Wow! Looks great! My husband had to do a bit of repairing of rotten wood around our house before painting a few years back. It was hard work but our house looks brand new. :) Gotta love a hard working man. :) I enjoy reading your blog and the many pictures you post!



  7. Crystal,

    LOVE the new look!! The windows look wonderful...I'll bet the view from those windows is equally impressive.

    I'll put my bid on too for Tobin to come help Toby make some major changes to our home... :)

    Enjoy my dear friend!!


  8. Crystal,

    Absolutely beautiful!!! So proud of Tobin!!!

    LOVE those windows.

    Blessings to you all my friend,


  9. This is so inspiring! Our home needs lots of exterior work and new windows, but we can't afford to do it all at once either. My husband will be doing the work as well. I'm happy to see someone else doing it bit by bit.

  10. What a wonderful difference!

  11. Wow! Your house looks fantastic. Your DH did a fabulous job!!! Congrats!

  12. Your home looks so pretty Crystal! At first glance it remined me of a New England cottage maybe near the ocean. What a blessing husbands can be!


  13. Crystal it looks great. If i may ask what colouris that paint it appears grey but you know the paint industry its probly a fancy name.. Need to repaint mine next year.. Maybe Tobin could come help my hubby...really love the colour though and the windows..

    Good Job Tobin.

  14. Your hubby did a wonderful job. The house lookds great!!

  15. Wow! So inspiring! Could you post more pictures?!!

  16. Wow, I have never pictured your home looking like this and I've been reading your blog for a few years now. I always thought it was a one story for some reason.

    It looks great-I can't wait to see more pics!!

    Thanks for posting them!!

  17. Such a difference! It looks great! Kudos to Tobin!!


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