New Soap Scents for Fall Time!!


I have 2 new soap scents ready for fall time at



Oak Leaves and Acorns: a very pleasant combination of rustic pine, wild violets and fall leaves.  This one is a favorite of mine!


Brown Sugar & Spice: This one is pretty much what is says.. a scent of brown sugar with spice…. and a little hint of vanilla. If you like the scent "warm vanilla sugar" I am sure you will like this one!


And I carry another favorite Pumpkin Spice all year long due to its popularity! 





  1. sounds wonderful Crystal and so prefect for fall.

    God bless,

    Love Cathie

  2. Those smells sound just like fall..with cooler temps and the fall colours they sound perfect.. i must see about purchasing some..I love goats milk soap

  3. Crystal,

    These new scents sound wonderful!! I can't wait to order some and try them. Thank you for making such excellent products. I LOVE them all.

    Blessings my friend,


  4. Crystal - I heard about the fire in your area and I was concerned about you and your family. Are you alright?


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