My Son Is On His Way to Iraq...

My son who is in the Army is on his way to Iraq.  If it comes to mind, prayers for him (and us.. sniff, sniff) and all our soldiers over there, would be appreciated. 


  1. Hi Crystal,

    My thoughts are with you. Our ds spent 2 years in Iraq when we first went in over there. One thing I can tell you the army is very slow with information and things change in a minute. So we have learn to not get too excited over things. Just roll with the punches.If you need anything let me know. or my blog



  2. My family and I truly Thank your Son. Our prayers are with your son and your family. God Bless!!!

  3. I will be in prayer for you and your son. Know that my family will lift him up daily. Keep us posted!

    I know it is a hard time for you, it would be for me too, but trust in the Lord and lean on Him.

  4. Crystal,

    We just got home from Church and S.S. During Church I prayed for Richard and all of you. I will continue to pray.

    Love you my friend,


  5. Thank you, Richard...Crystal praying for you and your family in this uncertain time.



  6. Father I Thank YOU for what you are doing for the troops their families and all involved in this mission. You are so awesome and loving and desire only your best for all. So as I lift them up Father I trust you to do what needs to be done in the lives of all for peace to rule and reighn. Gather all created in your image and give them love and joy unspeakable to bring them to the place they are to be with you eternally. In Jesus' Holy Name! I give you praise! *U*

  7. Crystal, each day we'll whisper a prayer for your son and family as well as all those serving our great Country. May they all be home safely soon and peace restored. Hugs, Sher

  8. Dear Crystal, I will be lifting your son and your family up in prayer, Trust in the Lord for all your needs and wants he is good and ture to answer them. God bless you and your family in this time. I too share a son who is in the National Guard and I fear the time he may be called to serve over there. God bless you all. Pam Watts

  9. Crystal,

    Richard and the rest of your family are in my prayers.

    Thank you Richard, and all our other troops for what you do.


  10. Crystal,

    I wanted to let you know that Richard and your whole family are in my prayers today and will continue to be in my prayers through this time. My Mama heart aches for you and what you must be feeling today. Trust in the Lord and lean on Him for stregth.


  11. I'll be praying for you all. I'm sure this is so hard on a mother's heart. My brother served a year and our family appreciated all of the love, support and prayers he received.



  12. We will definitely keep Richard and all of your family in our prayers! I join in thanking Richard for his service to our country, and others that have mentioned family members' service. I also thank the families. I cannot imagine what you are going through-the unknown can be so draining. God watch over them all!!

  13. Tell him we all say Thank You for the bottom of our hearts. He is truly a brave soul. I will keep him and all the others, in my prayers.


  14. Our country New Zealand is not fighting in the war - but we do have troops as peace workers.

    I couldn't imagine how you are feeling. ((hugs))

    I hope the war stops soon - wouldn't it be nice if everyone could get on in the world.

    Love Leanne NZ

  15. THANK YOU to your son for fighting for our freedoms!!

    May God keep him, protect him, and bring him home in His Timing!! I pray your son receives the Hero's Welcome that our men and women in our Armed Services deserve!!

    God bless your family!!


  16. I'll be praying for your husband is currently deployed and has an extension of three months hopefully your son won't have to go thru that.


  17. My dear friend, our family is praying for the Miller family.

    Asking for God's protection and peace in these uncertain times...



  18. This must be hard on you and your family, but knowing he is in God's hands must give you a lot of peace.

    Prays and hugs!


  19. Crystal, I know how you feel I have many friends and family serving not only in Iraq*Friends who live in the US* but also friends and family who live in Canada who are in Afghanistan.. I pray each day for the Lord to keep them safe.. and for them to all come home quickly and safe. I will add Richard to my list.

    May he be safe and come home quickly.

  20. Keeping your son and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We all thank him for his service to our country.

  21. Oh Crystal,

    We are praying for the safe return for your son and for protection for him and your family. We appreciate all that these brave men and their families have to endure to protect us. Our hearts are with you and Richard and your family will be in our prayers!

  22. You have them in abundance, as do all the families with loved ones there. :)

  23. Crystal, my prayers are with you and your family. I know exactly how you are feeling. My husband just left for Iraq today, and it is a struggle to stay positive.

  24. I will keep your son in my prayers. I always pray from the men and women serving in foreign countries. Clare

  25. Our family will be praying for Richard (and the family), and please pass our thanks on to him for defending all of us.

    There are no words to properly thank him for his service to our country.

    God Bless


  26. Prayers being lifted for you and your son. May the Lord keep him close....THe Lord will give you peace. I feel your heartache..Take care sweetie...Debbie

  27. You are all in my prayers. I pray that they all come home safe and well.

  28. Crystal,

    My prayers are with you and your family, my son-in-law had 3 tours in Iraq and came home safe and sound. I pray all come home safe. Prayers are with your family also..


  29. Your son is on my prayer list now. Blessings.

  30. I will be praying for your son and your family. Thank you for all the wonderful advice. I love your blog and your store. Please know that all of you are in my prayers.


  31. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. You must be so very proud of your son :) I know we all are, and our prayers and support are with you and your son. Please keep us all up to date and if there is anything we can do - Just ask!!!!


  32. We will be praying for your son and all those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Our son was in Iraq 2-04thru 2-05 and I know those anxious moments only too well. Tell your son and all serving with him that we thank them for their efforts to make our world a better place. My son once told me, "Mom, our country may not be perfect but it's the best place you'll find, especially if you've served in places like Korea and Iraq." We and our church will keep you in our prayers.


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