What the World Eats.. a Photo Essay


This link was posted by one of my moderators on my board and my girls and I found it fascinating…..  And I was kind of shocked to see all the junk food people eat in countries where I would not have expected it.  We have ordered the book from the library to read more.





  1. I found it interesting that the "American Family" spent $341.00 a WEEK on food?

    Come on...........I spend 125.-150 a week for 5 people and it's a TON of food!!

    I also fine it odd that over 60% of the countries that are represented in this photo essay are countries "not friendly" towards us, or towards Christians in general.....

    I am not a fan of TIME or CNN, as they are very liberal and anti-American in the way they report 'news'.

    This essay said to me: Look and see what gluttons Americans are, and look at all the poor hungry people every where else living off of much less money and food........


  2. Great idea! I am forming my grocery list and menu right now, so I will lay everything out and take a photo. Could be an eye opening experience?

    I will take America, and it's 'gluttony' over a socialist / communist society any day of the week. I am content in my 'Socioeconomical" status, but sure do love the freedom and opportunity to "chase after wealth" if that is my choosing.....

    Time / CNN demonizes those who have wealth (or those who pursue it) or worse, trys to make us "angry towards" those who are weathly. I say more power to them! God Bless America!!


  3. Peter Menzel and his wife also wrote Material World and Women in the Material World, two books that I think you would also enjoy.

    And in defense of his books, they give a very fair representation of the different countries. You do not come off thinking, "America is so great" or "America is so terrible." It is an excellent commentary on the ways different people live, and it is SO eye-opening to read their descriptions of everyday trials, etc. that an encyclopedic article won't give.

    I LOVE these books and recommend them to everyone!




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