Questions Answered on the Bagel Recipe


I had a couple of questions on the bagel recipe after I posted it..


One was from Halflinger:

I guess I don't quite understand bake and boil?


After the bagels have risen once you then boil each one according to the recipe and then lay them back on your cookie sheet and bake them in the oven.


Another question was from Anonymous

Crystal, when do you add the cinn/raisins to the bagels?


I did not give that option on the original recipe but will do that now!


When you add the flour add 2 t. cinnamon and right before you start kneading add ½ to ¾ cup raisins.


Continue on with the recipe as stated. 




  1. I saw on Good Eats the other night that Alton Brown boils his pretzels before baking. He added baking soda to the water to raise the ph and promote browning in the oven. Interesting. I had always wondered why bagels were boiled before baking and this is probably the reason. The pretzels on the show that weren't boiled didn't brown and weren't crusty. I bet the same technique could be used for bagels.

  2. I made a batch of bagels today and they look SO pretty and soft once they had been shaped and risen. But then I put them in the boiling water as per the instructions and baked and they came out looking flat and rough.


    Shelley Jo

  3. if your bagels fell in the oven then you boiled them too long.


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