Emily’s Graduation


Emily received her GED this spring and the local community college that gives the GED prep classes gave a graduation ceremony for those that had received this.  In the past my other children never really felt the desire to attend this, they were happy with their achievement.. it was enough for them.  But Emily had wanted to attend.  So we did..


Here she is in her cap and gown..




And here is a pic of all the grads.. it was a larger turnout than I had thought it would be!



I had an anonymous commenter say they had some questions about the GED..  so if you are reading this, ask away and I will try and answer them. 


  1. I think that is great! :) I am sure you are proud of all your children! I think it is great that if you want to, you can participate in a ceremony! :) Great job Emily (and Crystal).

  2. Congratulations, Emily!


  3. Congratulations Emily.


  4. Crystal,

    So proud of Emily. She is such a beautiful girl....look at that precious face of hers.

    Love to you all,



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