Thursday on the Homestead and Wedding Pics!


Our family has gone home now and we are getting back into the swing of life again. The last two days my kids have had end of the year testing done (CAT testing) and Jacob and Leanne have a few more math lessons to finish up and they will be done for the school year.


Today it is time to go to the feed store and then to Costco for groceries.  I also have to take care of a few misc things in prep for my girls mission trip to Mexico, which is coming up very quickly! 


The weather in the last few days has been so nice..  sunny and warm.   Today will be a bit cooler so that should be nice for a day in town.


I will try and get back this week to post some great recipes and talk about how I fed a house full of hungry people for several days!! 


Before I end this post, I thought I would share a few pics of my bil’s wedding.  It was such a nice wedding! 


My BIL and new SIL and more family (my son in uniform, my FIL, my SIL and niece and Sierra the flower girl)



Here they are cutting the cake




Here is a pic of my daughters and my niece




  1. Kinda hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like your BIL looks alot like your DH!

  2. Oh Crystal~

    Beautiful pictures! Glad you get to slow down a minute or two!

  3. Crystal,

    The wedding looked beautiful. What a special day.

    Sierra looks so pretty...what a little doll she is.

    Love to you all,


  4. I agree, your bil looks just like Tobin! The wedding looks so sweet.

  5. Very nice pictures.. Good looking family. Did you make the wedding cake? My brother is getting married next month and he wants me to make the cake.. There will be about 70 attending... haflinger


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