Grocery Haul for Two

Good Morning!!

This week I shopped at both Costco and Winco.

The first stop was Costco..

I picked up some Kings Hawaiian Dinner Rolls, and 8# bag of oranges, potato chips, a 4 pack (1# each) of bacon, an Asian chopped salad and a bag of pistachios.

My total for Costco this week was: $55 

The next stop was Winco..

I picked up the basic needed fruits and veggies: apples, bananas, a bag of lettuce mix, mushrooms, cucumber and a few roma tomatoes. For dairy I got milk, half & half, and yogurt. I got 2 bags of frozen corn (you can only see 1 bag, but the other is below it). Hubby and I had been running errands in town and he wanted to BBQ a steak. We have LOTS of steak in the freezer but by the time we would be getting home it would have been to late to defrost it, so we picked one steak up and some shrimp.

We got a half pound of it and I put it on skewers to put on the BBQ. It was a great treat for our dinner that night! 

My total from Winco was: $30

Grand total for this weeks groceries:

That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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