Grocery Haul for Two & Weekly Average

Good Morning!!

This will be a super quick grocery haul. By the time grocery day came around I actually did not need anything except fruit and half & half. So Hubby said he'd pick that up on his way home from work. 

So there you have it! My super simple haul from Safeway. 

Total for this week's groceries:  


Weekly Average at the end of July

I like to give my weekly average at the end of each month. Last month was a bit crazy with all I had going on and I completely forgot. 

This is a month past the halfway point now in the year. To date since the year started I've spent $2990 for groceries.  I've shopped a total of 30 times (once a week).  

2990/30 = 99.66666666

My weekly average to date:
$100 per week 

I'm right on target and hopefully can continue to stay within my desired budget for the rest of this year. 

That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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