Grocery Haul for Two

Happy Friday!! 
This week I went to both of my regular stores, Costco and Winco. 


My first stop was Winco..

The regular fresh veggies and fruit. I wanted grape or cherry tomatoes but they were so expensive this week so I picked up a few roma tomatoes instead. 

Half and half was on sale for $1.88 for a quart so I bought 2 of them. The date on them was the middle of April so I know I'll use them up before then. The cheese was also on sale for $6. Each bag was 2lbs. Unfortunately when I got to Costco they had their Mozzarella for less than $3 a pound..  Oh well, I tried! The Mexican cheese blend is one I've not tried and Costco does not have that. 


Last week I stocked up on canned beans only to find them a better deal this week at .48 cents a can. I was out of canned cream of 'something' soups so I picked up a few of those as well as the green chiles. I see some Mexican food in my future! :)


Total for Winco this week: $39.00

Next stop was Costco..

Why is it I can get all of the Costco items in one picture but the total price is almost twice as much as Winco! Ha, ha..  I'm not serious as I realize bigger quantities can often (not always) mean better price in the end. 

The Pub Mix was on sale for $2 off for a sale price of $5.29 each.  Since it is a staple in my hubby's work lunch I picked up 2 of them. I also got his potato chips as well.  

We were running low on decaf coffee so I picked up a can of both as we go through more regular coffee than decaf. 

I was almost out of chili powder and with hubby's love of bbq'ing I figured I better restock on the Montreal seasoning too.  Finally there was tortillas, hot dogs and swiss cheese. 

Lots of cheese this week.  Most went into the freezer. I often will freeze some of the cheese slices. If I open the package it can be a challenge for the 2 of us to finish it before it starts to go bad. So I open it, pull out half the slices and put them in a little zip bag and pop them in the freezer.  Now we have a manageable amount of cheese to eat before it goes bad. 

Total for Costco this week: $73

Grand total for this weeks groceries:


That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


  1. I enjoy your posts. I am still adjusting to shopping & cooking for two.

    1. It's not easy is it? I'm still trying to adjust too 😀😀
      Crystal 😊


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