Grocery Haul for Two and Weekly Average

Good Morning! This week I shopped at both Winco and Costco.

My first stop was Costco..

I picked up a rotisserie chicken, french bread, ranch dressing, Aidells sausage, and granulated garlic. I saw that they had fish sticks on sale and picked up some of those. Costco's fish sticks are the only brand I buy. They are the best tasting fish sticks I've found. Normally the bag is $11.99 and were on sale for $7.99.

I also got more coffee filters. Last week I picked up a 100 count at Winco because each time I'd been at Costco they were out and I didn't want to run out of them. This week I saw them and picked up the pack of 400 cone filters. They are a better price at Costco. Now I should be set for quite some time with coffee filters. 

I also saw these jars of alfredo sauce..

They were 15oz each making them a great size for a meal for two. The 4 pack cost $6.99 making each jar approx $1.75. 

Total for Costco This week: $57

My next stop was Winco..

I was down to only 1 orange and needed to restock my fresh fruit. I found the 8# bag of oranges on sale for $4.98. I also picked up a couple Cara Cara oranges, apples and bananas. For veggies I only needed the spinach and cucumber for salad making and then got some fresh broccoli and a spaghetti squash. 

I found boneless pork ribs for $1.78 a pound.  They'll make great bbq ribs, or I can use the ranch dip and Franks Wing Sauce on them (like I did with the chicken), or Yoshidas for more of an Asian taste. Many options! Those went into the freezer. 

Spaghetti sauce was on sale for .88 cents a can so grabbed a couple cans. And I couldn't resist some fresh sushi and bought a small package of California Rolls. 

Ice cream, milk and half & half. Their half & half was still on sale for $1.88 a quart. I picked up 2 of them. We go through about a quart a week. I checked the date...

I know it will stay fresh and I'll use it up before its date.

Hubby found his favorite Bugles on sale and picked up 4 bags. Mr. Snack Grandpa plans on sharing them with the grandkids :)

Finally there was cookies, my favorite :D  I picked up the regular chocolate chip cookies and then saw the chocolate coconut macaroons and picked those up as my birthday treat!

Total for Winco was: $55

Grand total for this weeks shopping: $112

Weekly Rolling Average

For the month of March I spent $425

So far for the year I've been shopping 13 times and have spent $1214 on food.  

My weekly average for groceries for the first 3 months of 2019 has been: 



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