Wednesday Snap Shot

Good morning friends! I hope you are having a great week so far. I've been busy around the house in the last few days.

Over the weekend my son, Jacob, came up for a nice visit. We enjoyed seeing him and getting all of his life updates.

Monday was a quiet day and a little on the cool side. It seemed the perfect day for making a nice big pot of chili and some corn muffins.

Yesterday I spent some time getting my pantry shelves cleaned and reorganized. It was getting to be quite the mess in there.

I'm really enjoying fall this year. The days have been beautiful. Dry, sunny and not to hot. The evenings cool off and leave a nice crisp feeling. We haven't had our first frost yet, but that may be coming soon.

While I was out grocery shopping last week I picked up a couple little mum plants to sit in front of my door. I didn't bother replanting them, because I know they won't last long. I put them in one of the buckets that previously held my summer flowers. 

Today is my daughter Hannah's 30th birthday! I will stop by and see her today to wish her a happy birthday. She is such an awesome woman. I'm so proud of her. She has an amazing family, she's homeschooling her children, she works hard to care for her home and hard working husband. She is truly a joy to have in my life.

Today I need to go grocery shopping. That is on the top of my list. I'll be heading out soon after getting this post up.

After I get home I need to do a few chores..

~Wash a couple loads of laundry
~Clean the bathroom
~Make a few bottles of lemonade for my hubby's work lunches

For the Love of Books!
I haven't done a lot of reading lately. I'm still reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and enjoying that. And in my Bible reading I'm in the book of Revelation.

I now have a lot of projects going on! I showed you the apron I made in last weeks post. I am planning on making another apron soon. This time I'm going to make it out of a tea towel (kitchen towel). I'll share that one when I make it.

I finished my 2nd set of wool dryer balls. I now have 20 of them. I think I'll purchase some more yarn and make another 10. I'm going to give them away for Christmas gifts. 


And I have a few more things to do to finish up the fort kits that I'm making for my grandchildren for Christmas.

Frugal Living
This is one of my favorite frugal things to do.. Vegetable Stock. It can be used for soup making, and it freezes very well. I've also canned it.

But this week I made a small amount of it. What makes it so great, and frugal is that costs almost nothing to make. You use your vegetable scraps, soft or limp looking veggies, or veggies that may not make it for another day. You put them all in a stock pot, cover with water (adding salt is optional, I usually add some), and let it simmer on the stove for a couple hours to pull out all the taste and nutrients from the veggies. Strain the stock and it's ready to go. I put mine in a couple canning jars and put it in the fridge (or, as I mentioned, you can also freeze it).

Fitness and Health
I've been doing great on getting out and walking. I've had over 10,000 steps each day for the last 5 days. I can feel my strength returning and it has been a great feeling.

I've added green tea to my daily routine. I've read and am familiar with all the benefits of green tea for a long time. I just never determined to make it part of my daily life. With the issues I've had this year I decided that it would be a nice health boost. I purchased a green tea powder called Matcha. It is the green tea leaves that have been ground into a powder. The nutritional benefits are much higher when consumed this way. I'm enjoying it mixed with hot water and a little cashew milk added. It's a nice alternative coffee, although I still have my morning coffee but am now drinking this instead later in the day.

View from my Deck
After a long string of dry sunny days the clouds have now arrived. It's a cool 49 degrees currently and rain is on the way tomorrow.

Today's weather: High: 62 Low: 48

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


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