Menu Monday!

Good Morning! I'm working on a grocery list today and will shop tomorrow. My menu for the week is planned and today's cooking will be simple.

Dinner this evening will be “roasted” chicken in my Instant Pot. You can see the blog post I did on this HERE. I'll serve a potato casserole, green beans and a salad. My plan is to make enough for two nights and to have one or two extra meals for the freezer for my hubby to take to work.

The rest of the week is looking like this...

Hamburger Patties w/Onion Gravy
Fancy way of cooking some burgers on the stove top and making onion gravy with the tidbits left from cooking the burgers. Rice pilaf, cooked beets and a salad will round out the meal.

Sausages & Pasta
I'm planning on picking up some Aidells Sausage from Costco. I love that brand and have not had any for some time. I'll make up a pasta dish (of some sort, have not decided exactly what yet), and make a nice salad for a yummy meal.

I think this will be enough for us this week. If I need another meal I'm going to make Green Chile Pork. You can find my recipe HERE. I'll serve it with corn muffins and salad.

That will do it for the week!


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