Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

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So Far This Week
It's been a good week so far. I am happy to say I got a new stove. My oven on my old stove has not worked for a very long time. I was torn as to what I wanted to do.

We had replaced the mother board on it 3 times already and were looking at doing it again. The cost for each mother board is $400. So do I replace it again knowing it will also fail eventually? Or do I purchase a new range?

The other issue was that it was a downdraft oven and I was looking at replacing it with another downdraft type oven. The only problem was not many of them are made and as I looked at the reviews of them, people were still having the same issues that I had and now the ovens were twice as expensive, so I really did not want to take a chance on it again.

After a long amount of thinking and just plain going without an oven I came to a conclusion. I decided to skip trying to find a downdraft oven. I have a very effective ceiling fan in my kitchen that I figured would be enough. The other issue I had was that we have electric here, not gas. I did not want a glass top stove (the most commonly available type of electric stove). I also did not want to have to get set up for propane (gas is not an option in the country). After searching I found an coil stove that would do the job. My other desire was to find an oven with as few bells and whistles as possible. Less electronics means less to go wrong. Honestly if I could have found a nice reconditioned range from the 1950's I would have taken it! They knew how to make appliances that last back then.

Last night we celebrated by baking a pizza! :) Something that I've not done in a long time. It was not a homemade pizza but a one from our favorite "take and bake" pizza place.  ..

On My To-Do List
Cook up some meals for the freezer. It's been on my to-do list for a week now. I'm freezing single serving meals for my husband while I'm recovering from my surgery. I have 5 meals in the freezer so far. My hope today is to get the rest of them finished. My goal is 14 meals for him. I'll be on a special diet afterwards so I won't need them, but he'll still need to eat. :)

Projects I'm Working On
Organizing my freezer. I started yesterday by cleaning and reorganizing my refrigerator freezer. Now I need to get my big freezer reorganized so I can find the meals and other foods easily.

Today's Weather
The weather has been very rainy and cloudy.  I'm not complaining because I've seen the weather reports from around the country and so many are being hit by nasty winter weather.  Our winter has been the total opposite, very mild.  I'll take rainy and gray over snow any day!  :) 

Today's High: 46   Low: 44

The View from my Deck (or window)

This has pretty much been the view for the last week.  As I write this it's nearly 8:am but still so dark out..

 The only one that is loving this weather is my duck!  He's currently swimming around the pond and seems to be having a great time..  :)

What I'm Reading
I finished reading Luke in the Bible but that is as far as my reading progressed this week. With my downtime after surgery I plan on doing a lot more reading.

What I'm Listening To
The fire crackling in the wood stove and my hubby talking on the phone to his mom.

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
I feel like a made frugal but wise choice on my new stove. Time will tell if it holds up well. I spent a lot of money on my previous stove and it shows that it's not always the case to buy (what you believe to be) better quality in order to save in the long term.

Fitness and Health for the Week
My focus this week is simply continuing to eat well, and drink more water. Why is water so easy to do at times and other times I have to make a big effort? Anyone else have that issue? How much water do you drink a day? How do you remind yourself to drink it? How do you keep track of your daily water intake?

That is all for this week!


  1. I fill a big nalgene bottle and drink it 2x a day. It comes w/me everywhere. I've been doing this for 15 years! As for ovens we have a glass top electric with a microwave w/o fan/vent above. It wasn't expensive and works great! I've never repaired the oven in 14 years. I can use cast iron on the range and have no problem w/scratching. Your new appliance looks great :)

  2. Father God, I pray that you will bring full and complete healing for Crystal and a quick recovery. I ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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