Menu Monday!

Good morning! This week's menu is looking a little different as I'm a couple days away from surgery and won't be doing a lot of cooking afterwards. I'll be on a special post surgery diet of soft liquids (such as smoothies and broth, etc.) but I wanted to make sure my hubby still had food to eat. Last week I did some extra cooking and packed up individual meals for him. I'll share more specifically about that in another post.

Tonight we are taking our son and his girlfriend out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. His actual birthday is later in the week so we decided to celebrate with him tonight. I told him the choice of restaurant is up to him. So we'll see what he has decided on when we get to his home.

The rest of the week is looking like this..

Veggie Soup & Chicken
I plan to make a batch of veggie soup with my leftover chicken stock (leftover from last weeks cooking). I'll freeze some of it for me for later in the week and serve this on Tuesday night with some baked chicken and a salad.

Potato Soup or Chili
After Tuesday my hubby will have his pick of what he wants to eat. But most likely it will be potato soup (made with chicken) or chili, or both... as I still have a small serving of both of these in my fridge.

As for me, I've stocked up on grape juice, apple juice, frozen fruit (for smoothies), kefir, homemade chicken stock, and after I get it made, homemade veggie soup that has been pureed. I don't have many restrictions as far as type of food goes. Meat is not an option for the first couple of weeks and certain fruits and veggies. But the list is limited to what I can't have. The doctor called it a 'straw diet', meaning that if it can go through a straw then it is ok to have. I'm focusing on healthy foods (as technically milkshakes can go through a straw, ha, ha! :) to aid in the healing process.

That is all for this week!


  1. Thanking God for a successful upcoming surgery for you. Sounds like you are very prepared. Keep looking up.


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